Speaker pairing for Nait xs2

Good evening all. I was hoping someone could suggest a good marriage for a Nait XS2. I’m after some bookshelf/mounted speakers for a 5m by 4m room that is well carpeted. I don’t need loud volumes, if anything something that i can appreciate at lower volumes with lots of detail and soundstage. Budget is GBP1000-15000 new but open to ex demo or Ebay.

oh, and apologies, they need to quite close to a wall, about 30cms at best. Any thoughts much appreciated.

You have the usual suspects: PMC, Neat, Kudos, etc. If you have room for floor standers, the Neat SX2 has a good reputation as a smaller but musical speaker and a good pairing with Naim. Check your budget indication…you mention a max of 15K GBP. That will buy a lot of speaker…

I suspect that should be GBP 1,500.

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yes apologies 1500. 15,000 would be tough to justify on Taylor Swift!

and then no one replied - horrified by my music taste!


Neat Motive SX 2.

I have the same size room with Nait 5si and neat motive sx3 (stand mount) and they sit 200mm from wall. Quite amazing for their size , enough bass and nice top end

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I’m running the Neats with my XS2 and for their size they are very musical can be placed relatively close to a back and make a great pairing with the XS2.


That should read back wall

Perfect. Thank you all, looks like the SX3s win. Now just need to wait and see where I can listen to them!

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Neat have just released the ministra stand mount which may just be a little over budget at 1750 but might be worth checking out if you can stretch that far.

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don’t forget to listen to ProAc T10 (Signature or not) if your can :wink:

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