Speaker Placement & Detail/Accuracy

I have recently moved my system from a dedicated listening room, to our living area. We’re listening to far more music now, but optimal audio setup has taken a back seat to being able to sit more than one person comfortably.
Our guests really don’t like standing all evening, and eating food at a table appears to be preferable to the alternatives.

At the same time as the move, I sold my musical friend … a Linn Unidisk 1.1.
So my question is: is it possible that the lack of detail, accuracy, and pin-point placement of instruments, is mostly just poor speaker placement, and room obstacles? Otherwise, it would be the Linn.

I still get a nice wide, full sound-stage, but before I made all the changes, all the other nice attributes listed above, were present.
Note to self: only ever make one change at a time!!

So, does anyone find that as they shift their speakers, and the sound-stage changes; do you also notice some differences in the other SQ qualities that we all strive for?

I would very much appreciate any personal observations anyone may have, as I would basically have to clear the room of furnishings, apply some sound wave deadening, and move around my 100 lb each, speakers, in order to room test the theory.
Thank you for reading.


…in my experience, it’s a matter of getting the 'speaker positions right. Positioning, for me, seems to be about tuning the bass correctly, with the objective being that the bass is musical and that the lower frequencies do not overwhelm the treble and midrange. The position is not always easy to find, but you will know it when you do find it. Happy listening!

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Positioning can affect far more than bass, influencing as it does the early reflections from walls and furniture, but it is the bass that is more obvious when it is wrong. Early reflections can muddy the sound and can affect soundstage. People have observed that even having furniture between the speakers has an effect.

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If you still use a good source, then the difference is probably the room and the speaker placement. If You could get the same sq in the new room, then the original dedicated room would have been a waste. Room acoustics make a tremendous difference in most cases. Can You achieve equally good sound from the new room? probably not, but sit back, enjoy the music, and don’t analyse it to death.

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Yes, too true. When I did have the system in a separate room, the space between the speakers was always clear.
Regarding sound stage, I’ll just have to reposition one or both of the speakers as much as I can in the new space, and live with the not so perfect setup.

Well said, Benjy. You’re right, what would be the point of a dedicated room if it wasn’t better?
But we are still enjoying the music, and a lot more often now.
As you say, I’ll try to be less critical of the difference in the SQ. It’s only been a few months.

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