Speaker port bungs

Does any manufacturer make reflex port plugs for when the speakers are NOT in use? I ask because I’m concerned that insects and spiders could make a home inside the the speakers if they’re left open to the world. I would have thought that speaker manufacturers would have included them as standard. They’d cost pennies to make and would be made to measure.

Have you considered that they could also invade your LP12, through the gap around the arm board? And what about mice and rats? Or small birds? Maybe a bat?


You can find a range of inexpensive generic foam port bungs of various diameters on eBay. I thought about buying a pair for my speakers simply out of curiosity as to what effect they might have and never got round to it … but you’ve got me thinking now!

[You’ll have to explain the thread title to me though]

Ignore the thread title. I thought it was the name of the poster that was required. Wasn’t paying attention.

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I’ve updated the title to something more appropriate for you.

Just use a rolled up odd sock or rag if it’s just creepy crawlie prevention

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I am surprised snakes are not mentioned as being a risk, they can slither into round holes easily.

Don’t get a problem with snakes in darkest Worcestershire but as the Vale of Evesham is Brassica Metropolis there are all manner of green leaf feeders.

That gives me an idea - I could use my ancient college days B&Ws as gigantic bird boxes - no idea why I still have them!

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