Speaker Position - see pic below

So, this is my setup :

Hicap DR (hiding underneath)
Linn Keilidhs

Question is, where the system is placed is in an alcove beside the fire, I have no other position for it and it needs to run the TV as well.

I am going to take some time tonight and dress the cables better at the back, bring the HCDR up and remove the skybox, but is there something I should be doing with the speaker position.

It was all very boomy until I added the HCDR, but I am thinking this is as much to do with positioning as it is equipment.

Any comments from the group or anyone in the same situation.

Its not ideal in a corner & close to side walls, but I suspect you know that, so how to optimise what you have with that room size & shape.
I suggest to try experimenting with speaker positions further out into the room, I’m thinking with the front speaker edge further out than the cabinet front edge.
The reflective floor can be fixed with good effect using carpet, imagine the floor is a mirror, then cover with carpet/mat speaker reflection that you see from the listening position, thick & dense is better than light & fluffy.


Speaker placement is critical to optimum sq ,but the limitations already in place makes it doubtful that any minor re-positioning you can do will make any noticeable difference. Is their any chance of mounting the tv on the wall and getting a smaller rack to hold just the # of boxes you have (or anticipate having. It still won’t be ideal but the ability to (then) move the speakers forward (toed-in) and even closer together. With some experimentation, I think sq could be noticeably improved. Good luck with whatever you do, and no need to be hyper-critical- close your eyes , sit back and enjoy the music. Also- some soft furniture/drapes,rug etc. may help- depending on how it sounds.

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I agree that the speakers would be better moved forwards as far as possible, both out of the alcove and in front of the TV/cabinet.
Is there a similar alcove on the other side of the fireplace. Hard to say without seeing the whole room, but with a bit of imagination, you may be able to route a speaker cable past the fireplace.

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Can you swap out the credenza style cabinet for a stand and let the speakers breath. Move them forward as suggested also.


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Could we get more pictures of the room.

Nice to see Linn Keilidhs!


Hi pootle
I can’t really see the depth of the pillar on the right.
If possible you could board the wall in line with the pillar so its a straight run & make a feature in the middle for your telly & equipment.I know its taking a bit of your room, just a suggestion.

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Getting big floorstanders out of room corners is essential. I pulled mine further out into free space and it made a huge difference. I’d put my hand behind them with music playing and could actually feel what was effectively a standing bass wave smearing the sound. Things improved noticeably when I moved them.

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I’m not familiar with your speakers but if they have rear ports you could cut a piece of foam to fill the port. You could use a pair of socks initially to see if it improves things if you don’t have any foam to hand …
You’d be hard pressed to put your speakers in a worse position though to be honest.

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Guys, thanks fo your input, I have rewired everything and brought the HiCap up into the rack. Power and aduio cables are now pretty much separated, and I have brought the speakers forward out of the recess a bit.

I have to say it has helped a fair bit and there is a lot less boom in the bottom end, an improvement I think so far, but I am probably at the end of how much I can do with what I have.

So the next question is, if I buy smaller bookshelf type speakers and stand mount them, will it fix the problem more, or is placement always going to be an issue and I am just going to have to live with it.

I was thinking of a smaller set of speakers and then maybe adding a sub which could be placed in a better place at a later date.

Thanks for all your input, as always it is much appreciated.

Dear Pootle,
Your speakers are designed, I believe, to be placed against the wall so I think many of the suggestions here, while being applicable to most cases, miss the mark.

My suggestion would be to get a wall bracket for the TV and get rid of the furniture between the speakers. Would be best if you can place electronics somewhere else or, baring that, but them on a slim, low weight wall shelf or rack (if you must). The speakers should go against the wall.

Smaller (preferably sealed) speakers, perhaps combined with a sub placed elsewhere, would probably work better. I have used Neat Iotas with a Naim n-Sub with my TV. Other suggestions would be the Naim nSatsl, Linn Kan or ATC SCM 11 or 19.

Good luck.


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Unfortunately, your current layout is more a what not to do to achieve optimum sq. The sound would (almost definitely) be greatly improved if the tv could be wall mounted and a smaller cabinet used . If you could get a narrow cabinet, it might even fit to the right or left of the speakers, even though they might be closer together .

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