Speaker positioning - Are you a U or a V or an X?

Are you a U or a V or an X ?

It depends.

Non U? :wink:

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I am a V.

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I identify as poly fluid, mostly V with a little touch of X.

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Not sure what you mean, @Paul_C …? And I would rather not guess…

Pls - can you explain your question better…??

I’ll give you a clue. Most Kudos Titan owners are a U, some with a touch of V.

Seriously it is about how much are your speakers toed in.

Can I try to… interpret this then…?

U - meaning both speakers back to the wall, and parallel to each other…

V - toed in - but not ‘crossed over’

X - toed in - and ‘crossed over’

Do I win a Mars Bar…??


What suits best will depend on the speakers, and also on the room, the speaker positioning, and listening position…

Mine are directed slightly behind the listening position (which is about 40% of the distance from front to back wall). So sitting just above base o& V, or above crossover point of X.

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You’re a winner.


On one of my systems I prefer to listen with my back in direction of the loudspeakers. What is the suggested character for that?


I reckon

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Must be like being at the bar at a concert…thinking of the Hackney Empire, where the bar is at the back of, but still in, the auditorium!


@Paul_C - Cool… :sunglasses:

And I am a ‘U’… but might just try ‘V’…

My Focal Aria 926 are toed in with the crossing axis behind my ears…

X here.

Forum will not let me reply with just an “X”.

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Surely never an X?

Mine are V but are focused a long way behind me rather than just the 300 mm or so that used to be recommended.

That’s more of a U.

Bugger, you’re right. I didn’t read the descriptions correctly. The focal point is behind me.

So are parallel an H?