Speaker recommendation

I have a very nice system made up with my recently serviced NAC 42N and NAP110 from 1985 :flushed:. I added some wharfedale diamond 220s (I can feel and hear the cringing :grimacing:) just to have something that gives me music. I think it does a really good job to be honest, but I’m sure it could be better.
So what would you add as dream speakers to this given that they should be up against the walls and not in the middle of the room.


Kan mk1 or mk2 would be the perfect match and work best against a wall.
I had a pair of Mk1s with my 42/110 back in the early 80s, it was a fabulous system.


Well the obvious one is Kans but…

Royd Sintras or Merlins. Rega Elas too. If you can find any of them in good condition they would work very nicely in that setup.


I would love to find a good pair of kans. yes excellent suggestion

Royd Eden, if you can find a pair in good condition?

I used to have some Ruark Icons, which had front facing ports and could be worth some consideration.



Linn’s Kan was based (to large extent) on the BBC outside broadcast monitor LS3/5A, which is a more naturally voiced loudspeaker. You could do an awful lot worse than find a pair of those - either second hand, or they’re still in production.

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Just a thought. I used to have some Heybrook HB1 and still have the stands. I chucked the speakers out because the drivers (surrounds) were perished. One cabinet was damaged but they still worked. I’m sure it would be possible to replace the drivers but ok they are gone. I see some places are doing HB1 speakers as kits. Any experience?

A very accomplished little speaker. I had a pair many years ago and they filled a very large room with ease.



Neat Minstra…would be excellent…or if you fancy some diy the Falcon Q7…a posh Kan with more bass extension…

The Mk 1 Kan is the obvious choice, and it what I had with a 42/110 back in 1983. Forty years ol, most Kans are very old and very knackered, rather like their original owners. I’d suggest ProAc Tablette 10s, the same size, can sit hard against the wall, more rounded and very probably a better speaker.

They (Tab 10) do need a bit of ooph though HH?.


Yes that’s the trouble. Sad but true but that’s life I guess :frowning:

Trouble is most of the classics that would work well will fall into that category

Give us a budget to work with here! There are so many great little speakers out there to choose from! I had some Mission 770 leading edge’s in the late eighties which were amazing vfm!


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…my apologies. They were infact Mission 700 leading edge.

Let’s say I would not want to go above €1500

ProAc Tablettes and Neat iota Alphas should work, though they are very different.

If you buy second-hand or ex-dem, either is in-budget. With care, you’d have some cash left that you could put toward a 250 and Hicap.


With 1500 budget you could get a 72/140 and 500 quid pair of speakers!



I have had great results with rega R1 and JMR Bliss. (nait 5i + nac-a5). Good luck

Hi @Mtuttleb

You may wish to consider a pair of Wilmslow Audio LS3 and, if you would like more base, their matching passive sub.
I use this set up with my Naim Atom.