Speaker Recommendations for SN3

Hi, Im looking for a good speaker match for my Naim Supernait 3. I’m considering Focal Aria 936 and Proac D20R. Other alternatives can be considered including standmounted speakers. Looking for high resolution sound, v type curve characteristics. My room is a family/dining area 12.5’ x 27’. I listen to different genres like jazz, rock and classical music.

Based in your listening experience which speaker is an excellent match for my SN3? Please consider a top budget of $5000USD. Thanks for your support.

Hi Milton

I’m using Neat Ministra standmount speakers with my SN3 and they are a great match with the SN3 and well within your budget albeit you will need quality speaker stands

Neat have also just announced a slightly larger Standmount called the majistrata which would also be a great match ( Neat and Naim Amps have great synergy)

What source do you have ?

Good luck on your search


Naim S-400 is the only speaker I’ve ever owned. I’d almost wager that Naim tested the SN2 design with the 400s. Unfortunately they’re impossible to find and their sound is rather polarizing.

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It appears you have two threads asking the identical question. So I’ll cut and paste my response form the other thread.

"I can recommend ProAc D2’s and ProAc D30RS speakers with a SuperNait since I have had experience with both. I am sure the D20R would work with the SN 3 as well. There a number of Naim/ProAc forum members and the two make a good match.

I have never heard focal speakers so can not comment on their performance with the SN 3.

Hopefully you can have a demo with a dealer and at home prior to purchase.

Good luck with your decision."

I have also use the Naim Ovator S-400 speakers with a SuperNait and is an excellent match if you were interested and could find a used pair.

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Milton - I’m running Totem Forest Signatures with my Supernait 3 witout a Hicap DR and it drives them very very well.
The Signatures are more than $5000 USD however the standard Forest may be within your reach. They are very capable speakers.

Good luck with your decision. I’d highly recommend auditioning both of these speakers if you can. Proac does make a standmount D2R which is a great match for the SN3(biased opinion) but adding in the cost of decent stands the price is the same as the D20R. Regardless at your budget you have some really nice options.

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I love my Graham LS5/8s with the SN3. The DeVore O/93 sound great in my system as well. And Chartwell LS3/5a and Graham LS5/5 sound great on it and Harbeth Super HL5HD…the SN3 works well with almost every speaker I’ve heard on it. Obviously I dig BBC influenced designs.

Seriously you’ve only owned one set of speakers? Are you really young like 16? I have trouble understanding this.

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