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My music system is currently digitally driven. A NAS drive connected to Sonore Ultrarendu (plus linear power supply) to a DAC V1 into the NAP 200 before heading into Rega R3s.

I am thinking that my next upgrade will be for a new pair of speakers. I do love the Regas but have upgrade itching and think thus is my weakest spot.

Does anyone have any recommendations for speakers to audition?

Max spend would be £1,500 (ish). Room is 8x4m, listening area down one end and speakers will need to be close to the wall (20cm max)

Any ideas, thoughts are really appreciated


Welcome. You will get lots of recommendations. Truth is none of them really matter. It’s your room and your ears. But since you asked. Dynaudio, ProAc, Kudos. All great speakers, now go have a fun time listening to them :sunglasses:


Also worth listening to PMC and Fyne Audio. No shortage of choice!


Yes and of course lots of ATC fans here.


And don’t forget Neat which have a good synergy with Naim, I settled on a pair of Motive SX2’s which for a compact floor stander are excellent but as has been stated before speakers are a very personal choice so make a list and get out there and get auditioning and don’t forget a home trial when you’ve got a shortlist.
Good luck on your journey and let us all know how you get on.

I too have a NAP200 driving Linn Kans, my room 6x5 m they work well a little way out from the wall.

Otherwise ProAc Tablette 10s perhaps or as suggested by ATC, Kudos etc

Tannoy xt8f dual centric and they can be positioned 50 cm away from a wall as ports are front firing.

I have auditioned many speakers over the years but always seem to be drawn to neats. Great rhythm and musical speakers. My dealer stocks proac but never got round to extended demos of these speakers which are getting a lot of love atm. A must try by the sounds of things.

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I have had Kans for 40 years. They are exceptional if they have decent stands. A much underrated speaker is the Naim Allae I had them for about 10 years and they are under priced and under valued so a very good buy. Either the Kans or the Allaes will give you hours of pleasure for little outlay - but as others have said, they are your ears!

Thats quite a largish room, doubt small bookshelfs would fill such room.

Difficult to match the speed in those R3 but a homedemo is needed me thinks.
I have 2SX Motives and RX3 upstairs, they are very different but wouldn’t live without any of them.

Thanks for the reply. Interested in knowing what you mean about the ‘speed’ of the R3’s? (Afraid I don’t know much about the lingo around speakers)

Thanks to everyone above for ghrir recommendations

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