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When I purchased my original NAIT 3 with CD 3.5 and flatcap, I demoed a large number of speakers. Settled on B&W P5, three way floor standers in an attractive cherry wood. They still sound very respectable, even with the SN3, but the tweeters have niggled me, ever since small children (and I suspect a Nanny) tested the cones with small and not so small fingers.

I have just had said speakers refurbed by a B& W recommended supplier and the results are outstanding, with new tweeters and some light cosmetic work. The same speakers ‘with bells on’, as they say.

I am extremely delighted with the results and the cost was modest, so it may be helpful to share the info with others as the supplier refurbishes speakers of all brands.

Contact John Bryant at Loudspeaker Design and Restoration. I have no affiliation, just a happy customer.

I have experience with dented tweeters (twice) back in my B&W days and one of the good things of B&W is that they seem to be able to provide spares for a significant part of their products.

One of the reasons I appreciate them.

Still need to try 805’s at home at least once in my life.

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B&W are very impressive, Mission too. On this occasion, B&W no longer had spares (speakers were purchased in '97…) John was able to supply suitable replacements, checked the frequency responses and was, if necessary, able to adjust the crossovers. In this case it was not needed.

To my ears, the speakers sound far better than they did originally, with far more detail in upper frequencies. Brushes on cymbals are now exquisitely detailed.

Rather off-topic, but John builds speakers for his own enjoyment. It was fascinating to see a pair of open framed dipole speakers that he has been working on for his own system. 12 tweeters, half facing forwards, half backwards, then midrange and a 40cm custom woofer. The sound was beyond any commercial product I have ever heard.

I would love to demo a pair of B&W 805s - looking in that direction for a future update, but it will require a house move first.

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