Speaker stands

Can anyone with Neat Ministra speakers suggest speaker stands

Custom Design UK manufacture the FS104 special edition ministra

I’ve had a pair they are very good

Deeper than the standard 104 to cater for ministra depth


Solidsteel SS6 have the right top dimensions and with three legs, they will never wobble.

Thank you for your recommendation, I will check them out

I like the solidsteel ones, but the top plate measurements are small

Try Dynaudio Stand 20 with standard plate? Can fill them with sand or similar for damping and weight stability. My Dynaudio Special 40s sit on mine and sound really good (yes, as recommended by Dynaudio I realise but they are generally very good, well made and finished off well). I also have Herbie’s gliders under the 4 spikes per stand to protect our beautiful oak floor. Absolutely essential (so my wife tells me)

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Be sure to fill the central column about 2/3 rds fill with their inert filler. It works :+1:

Ministra are 17cm wide.
SS6 top plate are 16cm wide.

Looks like Neat uses Custom Design FS104 Signature in their video.

Chalshus - I had a pair of the Custom Design FS104 ministra ( special to handle the ministra), from memory they weren’t the signature but another version

I’m pretty sure it’s in their catalog of all models

I’ll look up invoice just to see what dealer called them :+1:

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It is the depth of the Neats which are 29cm, And the Solidsteel base is 16cm deep

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The custom design stands for the ministra ‘s are

FS 104 Signature XL Design

Top plate dimension is 160 x 260mm

Can look it up on their website


not to divert this thread, but a question on the margin - is there a ‘right’ height for stands? barring the ‘tweeter at ear level’ guidance?

610 mm I think from memory

It is easy to install a new and deeper top plate. It is just a MDF board.

Not on the custom design it’s not MDF - it’s steel

That will also depend on speaker design, some are designed to have the mid at ear level. But tweeter is the most common.

Stand height will depend on that. So speaker design, listener height & seating arrangement.

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Thank you all for the info, I bought the FS104

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I’m pretty sure Neat used these from Quadraspire when promoting their Ministra. I may also be wrong of course.

Yes correct Stephen they did when they first came out

Then reverted to the Custom Design

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