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My amp/pre-amp is same set-up as yours. Room is completely different however. I use Harbeth 30.1 and they work well. I would recommend at least looking at their line, also dynaudio - although they are rear ported and probably more room dependant. Both make a fairly traditional box or floorstander with a good look to them.

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@biddler66 - why not audtion a pair of Dynaudio Special Forty? A snip at £2,500 - small, gorgeous-lookingn and simply sensational sound. You could use the money you save for more music, an upgrade elsewhere or a holiday for you and the missus.


Neat XLS or Kudos 505?

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What’s not certain here is whether you like the sound of speakers aside from the bass problems and whether you auditioned them in comparison with others at purchase.

There are plenty of speakers I could recommend, but that may not be what you need. Moving them so they are not equidistant from the walls and moving them a bit further out into the room could be all you need to get the bass under control, possibly also with a little attention to where you sit when listening. Free - and relatively easy.

Incidentally, what speaker cables are you using? That could also make a difference.

You could try to stuff the bass ports with foam or wool. You should be able to reduce bass boom to your satisfaction by adding or removing stuffing. It is not illegal to do that and it is free. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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@TheKevster thanks they do like nice, as for saving money for a holiday with missus … clearly you have not met her ! :grinning::grinning:

@Michaelb again thanks and yes I did like these when I originally bought them, I demoed a few and these sounded nicest to me. I had a Unitilite as a source then. Now I have 282/250 I am not sure what has happened, as in original post they are OK at lower volumes, the booming only starts on higher volumes but not silly loud.

@cat345 that sounds like an easy win, I will have a play.

I have ordered a microphone and am going to do the REW thing as that sounds interesting and hopefully I will learn something doing that !

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I am glad you will do the REW thingy, some of us are not so brave. Lead us with your results

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Well, the 282/252 wil be delivering much more bass energy, so there’s you answer. Before doing anything else, try just playing with speaker position, listening position and maybe stuffing the ports. Set-up fine-tuning could remedy things as much as anything else.

I had something similar happen when I upgraded into a pair of Thiels, Led Zep’s gallows pole had some unsuspected and very deep bass that was causing problems in my room but only after 6 years of upgrading. A pair of NBLs cropped up just at the right time but I was lucky and surpprised they worked in the room.

I am also a big fan of PMC Fact 8’s which I use with CDS3, 282/HCDR and 250DR. I find the amount of bass is enough and really well controlled in mu listening room which is 6Mx4M. I love their open revealing sound which takes you right into the recording. Good luck with your search

that s what we have subs for:)

ops, just saw sub solution got covered already.serves me right for dropping in every two weeks.

I recommend the Totem Tribe Tower. It is a very small tower that can be placed close to walls, without causing bass boom. It is in your price range.

I auditioned it against the ATC SCM19 and Harbeth 30.1. I bought the Tribe Tower.

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