Speaker synergies and the Wilson SabrinaX

And, by the way, I have heard a pair of tremendous Raidho stand mounts finally sound ok with a Nait 5si.


After owning Naim, WitchHat and TelluriumQ I was careful to check compatibility with my dealer … the 500DR stays cool.


Ahhhhhhhhh… you’ve seeded my mind… sigh.

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To my ear, New Generation Wilson is more natural and organic. So you will hear what you put in. Source first is still applied. Electronic gears are very important. Some people will say matching system with speakers or really the speakers will show what the system can do. I listened other System such as Audio Research to Wilson… it was good but not musical at all, too slow and no rhythm…

Wilson Alexx V is very good. They make me appreciate how good my 500 system can be. It is like Wilson speakers let Naim 500 sing. I previously owned Polk Audio, Totems, BW, Radiho, Dynaudio, Sonus Faber. ( I still kept Totems for my other system) Although, I have owned many speakers but my Naim 500 have been over 15 years.

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How was Raidho with Naim? If I may ask

Yes, with my Naim 500 DR

Be careful!!! lol.

It’s one of the perils of being here in the Forum, digging deep into this hobby of ours… lol I’m screwed either way. So might as well…


It’ll be so worth it in the end. Take your time is my only advise. I don’t know much about Wilson speakers as the only ones I’ve heard were the massive Chronosonic XVX. Daryl Wilson(I think the founders son) is a really nice person for what’s it worth.

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JTheKop, I have read your feedback here and in other threads with good interest, as have our friends in the Forum. Thank you.

What did you hear between the DAW you owned and the Alexx V that made you decide to move to the bigger speaker?

If it’s ok with you, I will ask Richard Dane to forward my email address to you and vice versa and we could get in touch.

Best rgds

:sweat_smile: I’m getting worried now.

I like the very subtle contradiction where you were in a position to hear the massive Chronosonic XVX - how fortunate! and how were these? - but at the same time not know much about Wilson… are you having us on… lol At a hi fi show or dealer…?

Daryl’s certainly a good man, and his persona emanates in all his videos to positive effect. RIP, Mr Dave A Wilson, your life’s work is in very good hands.

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I think DAW is a sweet spot for Wilson Audio line up. I would be happy with DAW. But I got a opportunity on the trade up, otherwise, I was not planning to change. DAW is special for as it got name Dave A. Wilson on it.

The Alexx V has the same tonality as DAW but bigger scale and more dynamic. One thing that Alexx V is much better than DAW is emotional connection. Besides musicality and PRAT from Naim, emotional of musicians can be heard and communicated to me… this one makes Alexx V stand out from other speakers. You will forget about good bass, good treble etc… just emotional of musics will get your attention. Upbeat song sounds fun, classical sounds grand and flow. Sad slow songs can be felt. Especially Pink Floyd and Gary Moore, Gun n Roses are exceptional. It is hard to beat. As it should for the price of Naim electronic and Alexx V Speakers.

However, Naim and Wilson combination are not sweet. If you are looking for Sweet like tube amp. these are the opposite.

Happy to talk more via email.


Thanks JTheKop. Good feedback on the Naim-Wilson pairing at the elevated levels.

I only need it sweet when it comes to a woman…

For music, it’s the emotion and happiness from listening.

If we don’t feel it in our souls, and just be blissfully happy when listening, something’s amiss.

Many a times, as I type, I’d be listening on the iMac to Spotify and the music’s just so pure and as is, and sets me into a different moods depending on what’s playing. I’m not listening to sound but to music. And I’d be smiling because the thought and promise of all this lovely music in my play lists being magnified to many other degrees on an emotive Naim system in the near future - is just one of the pleasures in life to look forward to.

Thank you. I’ll get in touch with Richard and will write you.

Cheers with my rgds

I was at a dealership during a show. Not even if I was dreaming and within that dream could I afford those speakers.

Always difficult to judge speakers at demo shows but I was more impressed to just chat up Daryl. Really unique looking speakers for the right room etc. They’d grab your attention.

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Have just rec’d some Sabrina X’s on home dem (in UK) and these are very good. Detailed, tight, fast but a shape only a mother could love! Wonderful crimson red blends them nicely though.


Red? :thinking: wondering if we had the same pair in our homes. I went for Carbon in the end.

No names, no pack drill on where they’re from (not until I’m decided anyhow) but suffice to say the Sabrinas handle bass like no speaker I’ve ever heard in my ‘challenging’ room (more room treatment awaited to calm bass aspects).

They’re also coming across as very linear in performance.

Did you compare to any Focals, as I’ve a high regard for the Be tweeters?

Home demo was only SabrinaX and Magico S1. I have heard Kudos 808 and Focal at dealers - sorry I can’t recall the Focal model. But it was SabrinaX for me.

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