Speaker Temps

Are there recommended operating temps for speakers?
Specifically, what would be the minimum.
I’m guessing theres no hard and fast rules but too low or too high would surely have an effect on the rubber surround, (maybe foam as well but less so).

Basically, the temperature at which we feel comfortable, between about 17 ºC and about 24 ºC; well below or far above, the suspensions age prematurely, but what affects them most is the dryness of the environment, the lack of humidity in the environment.

Took a few moments to realise you meant temperatures! Presumably they are designed for use around nominal room temperature 20-ish Celsius, however at extremes they may will sound different at least for the bass, because the woofer cone moves far more than other drivers. I would expect the surround to stiffen up at low temperatures and become more flexible at higher temperatures, maybe noticeable over a +/-20° range,possibly less depending on the surround materiak – but that is a pure guess. And at significant subzero temperatures they may stiffen up so much as to not only distort but also cause the voice coils to burn out as you increase the volume control to try and get sound out of them… However such extremes of temperature might not be conducive to music listening anyway!

Manufacturers sometimes give usable temperature range in specifications.

In our medical products I work on we also have to give altitude specs. This I would expect to give varying results in speakers.

Are temperatures down to 10c likely to be a problem?

The higher the temp the larger the humidity can go and the faster sound travels.

There was a very recent thread on humidity, where temperature was also discussed in relation to the speed of sound:

In terms of harm to the speaker, I’m sure no. In terms of effect on sound compared to, say, 20C, it would depend on the specific material and its physical fabrication - I don’t know, but I would expect it to be negligible. In tems of speed of sound and hence room effects and speaker port tuning if applicable, I guess possibly just audible.

Whether you hear the any differently at 10C compared to 20C due to either physiological or psychological factors I have no idea!

If it was 10c in my listening room it would definitely effect the sound as my woollen hat would be pulled down over my ears. :smile:


Are you worried about sticking in storage where they may get cold or is the room that you are thinking of using them in subject to lower than normal domestic temperatures at times. A bit more background info may be useful.

Precisely that.

I wouldn’t be too concerned. I’d be concerned if the area was damp but low temperatures around 10’C should not be an issue. Having come home tonight after a few days away to a house sitting at around 10’C, the Hi-Fi is fine but i’m not tempted to sit down and listen to a few tunes :cold_face:

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