Speaker terminal (naim)

Does anybody know how the speaker terminals from naim are called? Not the 4 mm plugs but the connection kit at the back of speakers.

If somebody knowing it. Can he/she post a picture of it so i can see it is the correct one. In the past i’ve seen is, but now not anymore.


Do you mean the 4mm sockets? They’re 4mm sockets…

Do you have a picture of it?

They are essentially the same as the sockets on your amp. Pairs of 4mm sockets, all with the same spacing to allow use of Naim plugs.

Not specifically, but if you look at the back of a Naim amp (such as the NAP250 pictured below) you’ll see what they look like.

I’ve just been down in my hands and knees to take the picture I posted above. It’s come out rather well I thought.

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Robz, are you referring to the Naim plugs that are handed with a tab? They connect in to the terminals shown on the 250 pic above.

No, it isn’t what i mean. It’s on the back of a speaker. And it was for sale a view years ago.

It was separate. You plug in the 4mm speaker plugs (i guess)

It’s replacing this:


I thought i found it. But now (because it was a long time ago) i don’t know exactly it is the terminal.

In my mind i could install it in the back of my DIY speaker and can connect my NACA5 with speaker plugs to it. whereas i see it now it can’t.

It is called BP1 spade connector.

The common term is binding posts, isn’t it? More often than not, they are designed to take spade terminals, banana plugs or even bare wires. Unscrew and tighten for spades or bare wires, or plug in the bananas (the holes are occasionally blocked with plastic plugs that you can remove).
If you are doing DIY then search for that term, you should find something suitable for your use case.

The BP1 is/was an adapter for Naim banana sockets to allow you to use spade connectors. It pushes in and covers the banana sockets.

A an adapter. Now i understand is.

Thx for the advice off ‘binding post’

Now i’m looking for nice binding posts with a 19,5mm space so i can plug in the 4mm speaker plugs. I’m not in a hurry.

Those BP1 adapters were designed to fit on Ovator speaker sockets and are a little different to the regular plugs which fit on other Naim speakers and amps.

Most speaker sockets take standard 4mm banana plugs. The only difference with Naim plugs is that the black plastic box holds the plugs at the correct spacing. If you were to use sockets with a different spacing, you can just remove the black box and plug in.
Have a look at WBT, they make a big range of quality binding posts. Some will include a 19mm or 30mm spacer as these seem to be the industry standard spacings.

My Naim speaker cable needs either new banana posts or a re-soldering job at the speaker end.
What cables and connectors are you using, do you remember if they are solder, screw or another type.

Hope you managed to get yourself back up again.

I want to re-solder it also because it is not good.

What plug are the best for de naca5 and going vertical down.

See the situation now:

While not particularly tidy, there appears to be nothing fundamentally wrong with the soldering, at least from looking at the photo. The joints look to have flowed properly and are not dry. If it is the appearance that worries you, then some heat shrink tubing will tidy it up. What I don’t like though is the very thin jumper cables, some decent ones would mot likely improve the situation.

The ideal pins for NacA5 are those used by Naim in their black plugs. Get four plugs and wire then like this. It’s called an F connection.


They are Naim Super Lumina.

Thats a good situation.

I’m gone try that. Looks good!!