Speaker upgrade for my 152/155 system (Small Room)?

I’ve owned my 60 watt Naim 152/155XS paired with a set of Dynaudio Focus 160 bookshelf speakers for a while. I recently took them out of storage and set them up in my home office which is a small room (12’ 6” x 11’ 6”).

In the office I am only listening to music at low or moderate volume levels. However fairly low volume is most common.

Does anyone have a better recommendation than the Dynaudio 160’s based on my room, SPL and amplification? I probably wouldn’t consider a speaker much above $4K.

I have no complaints as I feel the Dyn 160 speakers are a wonderful match to the Naim gear. I’m just wondering if their is superior low volume speaker I might enjoy even more than the 160’s.

Thank you.

Hi Adeotec

You’ll get more authoritative comments than mine but are the speakers already the most expensive component in their system?

Sorry if I have missed it, but what source do you use? This would be the normal place to start.

If the source is good you might be better off changing the pre amp to a 202 with power supply if you have the budget, then a 200 amp.

You might also get some “trade in” value which will help the budget.

I use neat motive sx2 at low vol and they are might fine with nait xs2

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Thank you. The source is a NAD C658 “preamp”. However I am only using the streamer and DAC portion of the device.

The original retail price on the speakers was $2,900. I’m really satisfied with speakers but I’m was wondering if there is another speaker that is better suited for lower volume listening in my small room.

In my office at a company I use Ruark MR1 bluetooth speakers, at home I have a Ruark R4 in the bedroom (who says romance is dead??). These are both very different to a traditional stereo hi fi set up and I went with them because of the rich sweet sound that was impressive at low volumes but so I know what you mean.

Its almost as if your current set up is too good. Hifi-dogs suggestion should be well under budget and the solution might be to downgrade the speakers.

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