Speaker upgrade? Proac or others?

Hi all, I’ve got a nac202/napsc/nap200/ hicap2 running ProAc studio 125s, rel t7 sub. Source is bluesound vault & lp12/basik/grado black! Got the upgradus bug at the moment & wondering what a speaker upgrade will bring? Room is 16x14 & speakers away from the wall. Love the proacs & they sound great to me,wondered what a step up would be? Musical tastes are electonica ,house, soul, hip hop & rock/metal! Any ideas on what to audition when lockdown stops for demos? Budget is £1500 ish & my old speakers to sell. New or used, don’t mind!
Thanks in advance

It would certainly escalated into the ProAc range, perhaps DT8 or D20R.


Another vote to this pair…


Any thought on focal, kudos, neat or naim ovators with my tastes in music???

Do you already have a good stand and dedicated mains? If not I’d do that first. I don’t know anything about the Vault, but if it’s an important part of your listening a dac upgrade may be worthwhile.

Got a target stand all isolated & a wall mount for the lp12 on a solid dry lined wall! Equipment going through tacuma mains filtered extension.

I enjoy ProAc’s myself and have used D2’s and currently have D30RS with my SN2. I did have a pair of Ovator S400 speakers and they were wonderful. A couple of forum members above mentioned the D20’s and you should find a dealer and give a few of the speakers a demo.

Good luck with your decisions and enjoy the journey!

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I don’t like that expression, too many times written. But in your case it’s definitely : source first. A better streamer or a dac for the Bluesound.

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I will try to demo a dac as well when I’m at the dealer! Only recently bought the vault & imo is a great bit of kit, replaced an old Rega clamshell cd. Possibly also a new cartridge for the lp12 when funds allow!

I’d try the system with a non filtered block. Filters generally sit on the sound. I’d also look at proper dedicated mains, with a separate consumer unit. It may not be glamorous but is one of the best things you can do.

I would agree with HH about dedicated mains. I have had this installed in my first house and after moving I had one installed in my current property, such was the improvement.
I currently have a pair of Neat Ministras on extended home demo and they are tremendous. They have got better and better with some weeks of running in. Great extended bass for their size and suit all styles of music. Very fast and dynamic so good for rock and electronica.

A dedicated mains would be very difficult in our house without major work due to solid floors, dot & dab walls etc so not really that feasible! I am in the building trade myself and the upheaval would be too much!
I will have a look at the neats if I can find somewhere that has demos near me?


I know some people who made the dedicated mains here in France and found no difference in sound.
A good powerblock and cable to the wall make always a positive uplift.

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Instead of ProAcs? No, no and thrice no, IMHO.

Try a simple mains block instead of the Tacima - nothing special just one without filtering to hear if it makes a difference.

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I have ProAc D20Rs, and they are great and not too fussy about placement. Out of all the recent changes I made, these made the biggest difference to my musical enjoyment.


Tried this this afternoon, no difference to my ears but left the standard one in place! More stuff to sell to the speaker fund!

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I had mine run outside in armoured cable straight from the outside mains cabinet which saved a lot of hassle.

I pinched the idea off @hungryhalibut

Mid terrace town house I’m afraid!

I’ve seen some focal kanta 1 speakers ex demo locally, would they be worth a demo with my tastes in music?

Depends if they sound to your taste! :laughing: