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I currently enjoy my SN2 with Spendor D7’s and don’t want to give up the 3D stage I’m loving. What’s missing is a bit more bottom end without sacrificing definition. My room is about 14x14 and I have to sit in a triangle of 6’ with the current speakers 3’ from the back wall and 4 and 5 ft from the side walls. Any suggestions not to exceed 8g?

Have you thought about adding a sub?

Yeah, like Mike suggested. A sub is great to fill in the LFs that regular speakers can’t quite get to.
Especially at lower volumes, and for Classical, and older rock. (70’s)

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FWIW - I have a SN 2 running a pair of ProAc D30RS speakers and they sound fantastic. They are in a large room 13’ 9" by 22’. They fire across the 13’ 9" width of the room and sit 22" from the rear wall.

I had experience with running ProAc D2 speakers with the SN2 previously. I had a demo in the shop and at home for a couple of weeks before making the purchase.

I hope you have a local shop where you can hear a demo.

Good luck with your search…


I have a pair of Dynaudio Evoke 50s and they sounded very good with my SN3.
Dynaudio and Naim pair up well IMO.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I’m not a proponent of subs other than for my home theater. Maybe the D9’s would give me that extra oomph in the low end. Anyone had experience with them?

Square rooms are notorious for having bass issues, so you should be careful to demo any speaker you are considering. Any problems are likely to become more evident as with a speaker that has deeper bass, or with a sub.
Careful speaker positioning can help, as can type of furniture, and maybe some room treatment.
Also important is the way the speakers are driven. An amp that has a good grip on the speakers is likely to give tighter, better controlled bass, not just deeper bass. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if an amp upgrade gave you what you were looking for, possibly even without changing the speakers.

Hey Chris, actually the square room really isn’t as it is half open with short wing walls on a side wall. Knowing my amp is a Naim SN2, what would you recommend as the upgrade?

I guess that would depend on your personal taste, and your room acoustics. From Naim, I found that the extra bass control can come from the preamp, and a 282 certainly did this for me. The usual partner to the 282 would be a 250 power amp, and that should give you a real step up in quality across the board.
In situations where the bass is a bit loose and flabby, a 282/200 can work very well. I find the 200 has a lightness of touch compared to the more muscular 250, which can help if the bass is overpowering a room.

Thanks Chris. I’ll check them out.

Good luck! You might find that a speaker upgrade will work for you with the Supernait, it’s a great amp, but I think you can only take speaker upgrades so far before the amp needs to be improved.

Before changing speakers, you might want to try adding an HCDR to your SN2. That would improve the bass performance. Just a thought.

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I appreciate your suggestion but I did try one out and personally I didn’t like how it changed the sound. As they say, to each his own.

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