Speaker upgrade

Good evening folks, can you suggest me a speaker upgrade. My system is:
uniti star
aria 926
qed revelation
(i also have node 2 and arcam r-play but the better one is star by itself).

I would expect the Arias to be a really good match with the Star, if you like their sound. You need to clarify what you are looking for in terms of improvement, and what your budget is.

I’d suggest that you pay attention to your system setup. Your Star is stacked on top of something else, which will make it sound poor. Your speakers appear to be on some sort of shelf, and should be directly on the floor. Sorting out how your system is installed will make it sound a lot better and you may no longer feel the need for new speakers.

I suggest that you move this thread to the main HiFi room rather than Streaming Audio, as you may get a wider response. (Here, you will get someone telling you that it would be better to upgrade your Ethernet cable :open_mouth:)
I agree with HH, your setup could be better optimised for sound quality, but of course, we all have to strike a balance between that and what is domestically acceptable.

Thanks for your reply. The Arias work really well with the star, but I noticed that Naim recommends them with a Kantas (which I haven’t heard before). My budget is about 5k uds.
The speakers have to stand on the shelf (I unscrew the rear screws all the way and the front ones wrapped so the speakers direct the sound properly)

Ok, I will, thanks!

I really wouldn’t consider the Kanta just because Naim recommend it. It’s too much speaker. I really do urge you to get the speakers on the floor and the Star directly on the shelf. Maybe you could reduce the width of the shelf to accommodate this. You owe it to yourself to find out how good your system can be, before thinking of spending money. Think of all the music you could buy.


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