Speakercables for B&W 804d3

Hello,I’m using Chord Company Signature Reference between my nap250dr and B&W 804d3.To me the sound has sometimes too much top end brightness.I can’t use naca5,and am thinking of Telluriumq black 2 or maybe Atlas Hyper 3.5.Are they warm sounding cables?I don’t want spent the money I paid for the Chord’s.


What is the rest of your system, not sure that this is a cable issue?



Hello Lindsay,
my system is a Naim nac n272 connected via Chord signature 4 pin din to xlr to the nap250dr.The 272 is connected to the Cisco Meraki with an Chord Signature tuned array network cable.The pre and poweramps both have powerlines.The speakers have Iso Acoustics 2

Why can you not use Naim NAC-A5…?

How about Linn K20…?

Have you considered it might be your B&W 804’s
I know someone with a pair, they have oldish Linn amps in a large will carpeted room.
To me they lack mid presence & have an aggressive top end.
Just a thought.

And I agree, cables are not the answer.

Those speakers are quite a lot for a bare 272. Before changing speaker cables I’d be looking at an XPSDR to balance things out.


The 804D3 will not flatter any system. If you get the source and amplification right they are very good. I have them with ND555, 252, 250DR and the top end is refined and the presentation is balanced.

I can’t use the naca5 is not flexible enough.My system in in closed cabinet.The Linn k20 would be on option.

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Hello Mike,
to me the mid presence is very good.The highs sometimes are too bright/harsh.
Some people say that silver plated copper speakercables are not a good match with B&W diamond tweeters.

The room is the elephant in the … room

Argh - interesting- I tried a Chord Sig between my CDS3 and 282, it leant towards bright, I’ve always found Naim’s own interconnects to be a better match. That said I’ve used Chord Odyssey on my speakers and it’s more organic than Naca with my Kudos. Never tried Chord Sig speaker cable but I’m still far from certain this is a cable issue. Equally I’m not sure I’d rush to a XPS at least without a home trial.

You need to experiment. First reinstate the Naim wire between 272 and 250. Ask your dealer if you can borrow some Tellequrium, by all means try a XPS it will materially improve the 272 but I’m not sure about solving the brightness, if not I’m wondering if this is just wrong speaker in wrong room. Sorry!

Thank’s Lindsay,
I’m going to the original Naim din to xlr interconnect.

to try

What you hear is what you hear. I sometimes also measure or look up the measurements & am pleased to find what think I hear also tends to be seen in the measurements.

IME silver will add a touch of detail to SQ mostly in the top end, but this is just detail, it does not add to dB levels, so I don ‘t think silver or copper will fix an overblown treble such as the B&W 804 has.

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