Speakers and Nova or NAP 250 DR

Hi all,

This is my first foray into the world of hifi and still am learning from all of you from reading through all the threads. I’m preparing to start my purchases but I am torn about the choices!

My listening room will be in my living room, and I sit about 3m away from the tv, with the room about 2m wide. I currently have a Marantz NR1710 powering my 5.2.2 setup. I listen mainly to streaming music from Tidal, streamed from my Roon core to the NR1710.

I’m looking at the two options:

  1. Focal Kanta 1 and Nova. I will stream the music to the Nova using this option.

  2. Focal Sopra 1 and NAP 250 DR, connected to the pre-amp out of the NR1710. I will continue to stream from Roon thru the NR1710.

Which option above would you guys choose? Thanks in advance for your views!

Hello @hypern and welcome to the madhouse!

I think it all depends on where you want to go with your system; if you go for the Kanta 1 / Nova you have a beautiful system which you can enjoy for many years.

Going for the Sopra and NAP250DR gives me a feeling that the Marantz will hold back the performance in the end so you might want to look at the source (think of a 272 successor).

I need to say that I don’t know the Marantz …

I use my 200 system as the front speakers, via AV on the 202, for my Yamaha 7.2 AV system & there is a massive divide in sound quality, re music. If you’re going to do it get a preamp too :slight_smile:

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