Speakers cable DUELUND DCA 20GA

I would like to try these speaker cables, I have the doubt that they will be suitable for Naim for induction and capacity. Does anyone know them or have they experienced them?

I havent used them but have read many reviews about them on various forums amd i think they are quite suitable for naim amps too. They seem to be quite popular on audiogon forum where many members have tried them! They also do a powercord version of the cable to.

The 20 is just under 1 mm dia, the 16 ~ 1.6 and the 12 ~ 2.6. There seems to be dual versions a available which look to be side by side but closer spaced than Naim cable. Probably OK but don’t go too short, 5m runs maybe?

If that’s a solid core cable as the old Duelund ? its a mismatch with early Naim amps

looks braided but only spaced by the insulation.

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Much cheaper than naca5 too. And jupiter do a similar cotton sleeved cable too, both in 16awg and 12awg, they can be purchased from hi fi collective, the only UK supplier i think?

I am interested. I’m in the market for speaker cable and that seems to be a reasonable price.

If you go 5m, only do so with the 12, perhaps the 16 if you’re certain your speakers don’t dip below four Ohm. The 20 is too thin for such lengths, only suitable for short runs.

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