Speakers cables

Naim Cable Naca5 cables vs atlas accent 2.0 speaker cables.

Is this a question?
In a naim system, use naim cables.

No a comparison in any system.

… especially with NAP300.
Most Atlas cable has about half the inductance per metre of NAC5 & therefore best to go for 7m to get close to the Naim recommended minimum.
However Atlas don’t supply Ascent any more, they have an all new range.

OK so the naim cable would be better purchase for nap 300.

But why Atlas? Chord work well with Naim as well amongst others. In my experience cables are speaker dependent.



What speaker cable would you recommend for focal sopra,? their are so many on the market it’s very easy to loose your way.

I’ve no real knowledge of Sopra. On the occasions I’ve heard them they used Naca.

Basically, you can’t go wrong with NACA5 …

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Urm - purely my opinion I thought the bass slightly lumpy with my speakers whereas Odyssey was smoother. Worth trying a couple of examples.



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If you have a decent dealer I’m sure they would be happy to lend you a set of naca5, super lumina and some others such as chord which have cables at numerous price points. That should provide you with a slightly better perspective on naca5. There are several other alternatives but this may provide you with a decent starting point.


I am sure I am repeating what many have said already but I recently had the nac05 as part of home demo and while I can’t fault them on sq level, I couldn’t live with their lack of flexibility so looked elsewhere.

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Can’t comment on the loudspeaker combo but have to say continue to be impressed with Kudos Ks-1, has a lovely liquidity to it, whilst being able to convey the timing of what it’s playing, just appears to get out of the way and let things flow.


I use a 2.5 meter Atlas Hyper 3.5 and at the dealer it sounded better than the naca5. The bass was tighter. Hyper at me connects Spendor A7 and Uniti Nova.

I use Superlumina with my Sopra-3. Upgraded from Naca-5. Different but SL was overall better in my system.

What I’ve tried to say with my previous comment, is that the NACA5 is a great performer; Naim uses this cable during the development of their equipment so you can’t go wrong with it …

However … I’ve been unable to cope with the lack of flexibility and started looking elsewhere. After spending some time with the Chord Rumour X, I’m now more than happy with the Chord Epic Twin. Sounds a lot like the NACA but not that ‘raw’ and a bit more polite …

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