Speakers for 135s

I’d be interested to hear what speakers 135 users are using out there (not active) and your impressions. Trying to shortlist a pair for 2nd system, something that works at low or high vols, can do delicate or thundering rock :slight_smile: (I know, I ask a lot)
Any reco’s anybody?

Classic Naim or Linn would be my preference with 135s. I use SBLs, but any of the Ibbles, Briks so long as you can get them in good condition. Others will no doubt will advise on more modern designs. Room size, system details etc will help dial you in.

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I am using SBL and its working pretty Well.


I run Roksan TMS and ND555 sources through 52/135 into B&W804S. I find it a fantastic music playing system. The 135s control the bass of the speakers well, and the mids and highs are fantastically realistic.
For my taste the 1st generation 804D were too bright on the end of the olives, I preferred the non-diamond tweeter 804S and bought them, and have lived with them happily for around 13 years. Hearing the more recent D2 & D3 series 800s at shows I think the tweeter is closer to my taste that the 1st gen, and a thread here a while ago showed that a good number of people used modern B&W 800 series on the end of Naim 500 series systems, I think they were just behind Naim speakers as the most common range for 500 amps.

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I run modern Focal Aria 936 floorstanders. Very good with medium to loud volume.

Pretty good at low volume too.

Good value too at £2.5k although I got them new at £1800.

Had Linn Kelidhs before which were good but lacked higher volume bass slam and oomph.

I run Kudos Titan T88’s.
In a very large room. The Titan’s fill the room and have fairly powerful bass. I’m very happy with them.
Highly recommended

As seen here


A question, do you have access to good used speakers or are you buying new/dealer demo?

I am living in Switzerland, so fairly limited probably in terms of used options. I was not planning anything in the budget of Titans, as I didn’t think the 135s would be up to the job, but kind of interesting idea.
Ideally though I was hoping to spend less on speakers, to free up budget for a decent streamer for this 2nd system (how I wish it was possible to feed 2 systems with the same streamer!!)
It is a reasonably big space ( 50m2 but high ceilings) so need a bit of oomph. Briks could be awesome I guess but I have never heard them.
Nowhere locally to hear Titans either, which kind of rules that out :frowning:

The NAP135s will drive almost any speaker really well, even something like PMC Fact12, which the NAP300 finds a bit too much of a challenge. We use NAP135s to drive speakers that are of the PMC Fact12 or B&W 803D3 calibre. NAP135s drive Kudos speakers with ease.

Care may be required with some really low impedance electrostatics and I doubt that NAP135s are up to driving the largest B&W speakers (i.e. 802 or 800) or the larger Wilson speakers (Sophia and Yvette are great though).

In essence, they will drive pretty much anything that you could wish for in a second system.

Best regards, BF

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Sl2 not a problem. Nap 500 on my bucket list though

I started off with active SBLs, ran them for 15 years, then my then dealer persuaded me to try Ovator 600s. I thought that they would be too big for my room, but they work well.

I never have any luck with used equipment, especially speakers. I’m not a fix it kind of guy. I would check the brands available in your price range in the hifi shops within driving range of where you live. There are many good speakers out there that would work nicely with the 135. If a dealer is available and knows you are serious then arrange a demo. Do the research first and pick out the speaker than you and the experts on this forum think will work. Then once you have had a chance to hear it at your home, in your room, with your equipment and your cables/wiring then you will know. Don’t get caught up on one brand, there are lots of great speakers.

I am running 135s into Kudos Titan 88s. When I was looking to upgrade from B&W 804’s (the original model) I auditioned Ovator 400s and loved the transaprent mid range (never heard the choir in choral music sound so real) but the low end just didn’t work for me, not sure if the 600s would have been more engaging, but not being certain on where the speaker would live going for a less room sensitive option seemed wiser. The Titans have a more traditional 3 way speaker presentation, a very good one, and the novel port configuration gives a incredibly controlled but convincing bass response (double bass, cellos, lower registers on piano have that body shifting sense and resonance of the real instruments) that was just missing on the ovators. Would be amazing to hear the BMR design combined with an isobaric, fixed boundary bass, not sure it would be possible to get a smooth crossover but if possible…

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MathewT, I have same amps and speakers. What is rest of your system?
(sorry to tangent off this thread)

CDS2 + 52
also have Hicap headline (olive) and Sennheisers HD600
All on DIY stand

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