Speakers for 72/140


I recently bought an Olive 72/140 combo which aren’t pairing well with B&W 705 S2 I had lying around. Could anyone suggest smallish bookshelves around 1k that might?

PMC DB1i or + maybe? They are small but seem to be well thought of, I am sure the 140 will drive them well.

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I can confirm that Steve!

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Any Kans on the bay?

For a lot less than 1k, Epos ES11s.

I’ve got a 32/NAP120 combination that I use with Neat Iotas.

Works surprisingly well.

LS3/5a…second hand

The Small Harbeth P3ESR Loudspeaker…perhaps over budget if new

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I always like Dynaudios with Naim. Both my Naim systems use them. I use an older pair of Audience 52SE with my recently acquired Atom in a home office system and am very pleased.

Second hand Linn Tukans with the last spec tweeter. I know from experience the 72/140 loves this.

And you can add a HiCap+SNAXO and another 140 and go active.

I once had a 42.5/HC/140 with a pair of Linn Sara. But by the time I had a Uniti Qute and 250-2 they no longer sounded as good as my Dyns. They were fantastic in their time though.

Monitor Audio Silver 50

ProAc T10
Linn Kan
Naim IBL

I think 72/140 is underpowered for IBLs. For SBL’s it is OK. Just my finding / my room :slight_smile:
Lovely loudspeakers.

What do you mean by aren’t pairing well? What precisely did you not like?

I had that combination with Ruark Sabre 2’s it was awesome, very musical. They are quite old now but good ones do come up on a popular auction site.


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What do you mean by aren’t pairing well? What precisely did you not like?

They sound harsh, too revealing perhaps?
My local dealer who also sells Naim gear is not a fan of the new range.

I have the old CM5 S2 series, and these were not harsh. I don’t know the new 705 S2’s that well. I do think that Naim speakers are more revealing than B&W’s, so if you think they are too revealing, many other speakers will be even more revealing.

My bets would be on the source in that case. Or indeed, the 705 S2’s are a mismatch…

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Maybe ‘revealing’ is the wrong word, too bright, forward as in all detail at the front sort of thing.
I have a couple sound sources, a highish spec LP12 and a basic DAC which sounds reasonable through other setups I’ve had.

harbeth p3esr

Spendor 3/5 on good stands with a CB or Olive pre/power combination will give you hours of fatigue-free listening with many genres.