Speakers for a 500/552/NDS system

I’ve done many upgrades lately in terms of black boxes and currently feel at home with my non DR 500/552/NDS/555PSDR. Absolutely love what it does in bringing out so much emotions from music reproduction. Looking further ahead I’m thinking about to start evaluating speakers that have great synergy with this system. My preferences are “music” much more than “hifi” meaning I want being able to listen for long periods and listen to “music” more than “details” and in my face presentation. I don’t want the speakers to choose direction of what to play because they sound great with some music only. I prefer lush, warm and organic in front of detailed and hard if choosing a direction. I love dynamics and scale and listen mostly to jazz, old as new.

My Tannoy Legacy Eatons are doing a lot right in terms of this and even though they have grown dramatically with the upgrades on classic boxes I’m curious in how much more I can bring out of my current system. I’m thinking budget 7-9 000 GBP new as used. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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You won’t go far wrong with Kudos 606. Very unfussy accomplished speakers that feel ingrained into the Naim ecosystem. Definitely worth a listen. Endgame speakers for me. You’ll find a mint set for half the price of your budget top end if you bide your time…


Have had my eyes on Kudos but very rare around here since they lack retail completely. Doesn’t stop me from importing them of course but would not be able to listen before purchase.

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We have almost identical systems. I don’t think you’d be disappointed.

PS I didn’t listen prior to purchase either :shushing_face:

I was reassured by the consensus that they aren’t fussy about placement, which I now agree with


It’s quite possible there are better options out there. But like you I wasn’t in a position to demo and compare. So I opted for a relatively safe option. From memory the 606’s were voiced with a 300DR and most likely a Naim source too.

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You already know the answer to that


Being a big fan of Spendor with Naim I’d recommend a listen to the D9.2 s.

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Forgot to mention I have a rather small room😊 Otherwise yes!

I really fancied Naim speakers but my lack of a solid wall to stick them up against deterred me

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Naim Ovator S-600


Linn Kan


I am nothing if not predictable, but my suggestion would be to consider Dynaudio. Either the Contour 60 or even the Evoke 50 at half the price.
Definitely worth a listen😉
EDIT Just noticed the small room post. To that I would add “ Special Forties”:grin:

Wilson audio Sasha DAW

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Hi Mrs Linn, top floor again? Yes please Mr DBL :smile:

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But then if I understood correctly he would also need to get shot of the digital source and get a turntable

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Analogue Rules Okay :wink:

I saw a pair of these recently that had been sold to an overseas buyer.
Shame, I would have been sorely tempted :grimacing:

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You say a small room. That could cause a problem with large floorstanders. As suggested perhaps a stand mount kan sized speaker?

Unfortunately I can’t easily demo them but would like to try some Falcon LS3/5A, then again my room is a decent size so I need something bigger to partner my NAC42/NAP110

Naim Ovator S-600 are extraordinary speakers with fantastic timing and speed etc.