Speakers for Naim Nova

I have recently owned a NAIM NOVA with SISTEM AUDIO MANTRA 50 loudspeakers

I would like to change speakers, which ones would you recommend.

thank you

This is a weekly topic, so the the widest variety of answers, and the quickest, will be provided by searching the forum for Nova Speakers

I am not sure I have a recommendation, since speakers are such a personal choice, but I am pleased with the Harbeth HL5-XD speakers I recently purchased. I was able to do a 3 day in home trial and was pleased. My music tastes include jazz, chamber music, folk ang generally acoustic type music.

Others in this forum have found the Nova lacking in power for Harbeths, but my experience differs.

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My ATM-SC19s connected to my Nova sound wonderful!

Well, I’m biased … but … nSats

I’ve had them for years now. At first on the end of a Naim AV2, but now fed by 552DR/NAP300

Speakers are a very personal taste/


Thank you.

My Focal Kanta No 3 sound awesome with the Nova

Dynaudio Special Forty

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Happy with my PMC 20.24’s. I’ve added a powerline and electric 8 switch to my nova both bringing a nice improvement in SQ.

As mentioned countless times on the forum try before you buy. Preferably a home demo.

I’ve been with my Nova for 2 years now, and I’ve paired this with Kudos X3’s and I’m very happy with this setup.

This depends on 2 things your budget, and your listening environment, what works well in one room can sound awful in another. You really should demonstrate at home. However, amongst the favourites on the Forum are Neat, Kudos, Dynaudio, Focal, ATC etc.

Good luck.

How big is your room, how big is your budget, new or second hand, do you prefer standmounts or floor standers, do you prefer your speakers to be ‘analytical’ or ‘musical’ ( for want of better terms) ?
Would be helpful to know what you’re looking for.

Thank you.

Thank you
I give you some information
Budget 4000
I found a deal also used, otherwise new

End of the month I have a demo with my reseller
Neat or proac

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