Speakers for NAP200

Dear all,
Probably often asked but would like to upgrade my speakers.
Actually running with Audiophysic Tempo3i.
They sound to bright for me on the naim. The mid is very nice. Low sounds like there is a little bit of losing control. The floor is stone but the listining spot has a good carpet. Space from the wall 30 40cm is possible but I prefer less.
The room is 5 mtrs deep about 7mtrs wide. Distance from listinig point to speakers about 3 mtr.
My preference is a floor standing but at the end sound quality is most important. Also because of the prices I usually look at preowned products.
A link to an earlier thread is also okay.
I have been reading the Dynaudio thread.
May be concertino might be something. Can someone give me other options to check.
Many thanks.

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A question with no answer. Everyone has their own favourites … stand by, here they come! you need to hear some for yourself and then bring them home for a final trial. Plenty dealers have s/h stock, if cost is prohibitive for brand new.


I have the same set up as you apart from the NAPSC which I have yet to try. I just replaced my 15 year old Piega TS5s with some brand new Premium 701s! The same crystal clear trademark Piega sound as the smaller TS5s but with much more physical presence. Really good but I’ve never seen used 701s. As anaside, did you compare without the NAPSC?

Thanks for your information I’ll check it. Is it possible to play without the NAPSC and with the HC? How is the connection made?

when I had my 200 paired them with Spendor S6e’s which was a lovely match - the nice warmth of the 200 worked well with Spendor and drove them with ease

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You can choose to add the NAPSC to the NAC202 or not. I’m guessing that you have always used it so you’ve never made the comparison. I’ve never made the comparison.

Hi. Massive choice! Kudos, Neat, Dynaudio, Focal are amongst the favorites. I would suggest seeking out a pair of Kudos S10s 2nd hand.

Good luck,


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Then you should really try them before committing
A pity since room is quite large


I will check what is possible again. What space is needed? 50cm might be the max.

Naim Allaes. Only available used. Super speakers. They are floorstanders which need to have between 10 and 40 cm to the wall and, like most speakers, be away from corners.


You do have 50 cm. but from the back of the speaker
and that’s good news
Anyway what I meant is that you could accomodate a large speakers if you desired to but keep in mind sometimes you may need more or less room for manoeuvre and the only way of knowing after trying them at your house

Oke thanks.

Lindsay can you also suggest a type? Focal is for example easy to find. But a lot of different types.
Neat also a few. Dynaudio also.
Or maybe state which type not for example.

I’ve auditioned neat iota alphas at the Naim dealer in Arnhem back in the days. One of my mistakes in hifi was to buy bw cm5s instead at another dealer.

The alphas worked very well close to a wall.

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Really depends on your budget and I’m not really up to date with current models. Whereabouts are you? Really worth your while getting into a couple dealers and a couple of demos.

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I have listened to the Audio Physics Avantera before and it’s not bright. As a matter of fact the sound is quite neutral with very slight warmth in the midrange. Treble is just nice. I’m not sure about the Tempo 3i though.

Assuming the Tempo 3i shares a similar house sound with the Avantera, you will likely get the same brightness with most speakers out there. Other speakers which sound slightly warmer than Audio Physics are Harbeth, Spendor and older Sonus Faber models (which are actually rolled off in the treble, excessive warmth) .

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It seems that those 3 spendor harbeth and sonus faber keep coming up as most suitable for my Naim amp and maybe my ears.

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