Speakers for NAP250DR

Hi all,

I would like a pair of floorstanding speakers which may work in synergy with my NAP250DR power amp. Sound should be punchy with attack maintaining PRAT. Once I had SL2 and looking for sometning similar in sound. (Is it possible at all ?) Room size 6 by 3.5 meters.
Budget - reasonable!

Thanks in advance.

SBL or SL2 :grin:

Consider a set of used PMC Twenty24’s, rather good for the money. I found the 24’s massively better than the 23’s and they also stood up well against my Fact12’s which are significantly more expensive.

How about Magnepan 1.7 or ProAc D20R, Harbeth 30.2 , Dynaudio S40, or Countour 30i, Vandersteen Treo CT.
And what’s a reasonable budget for you?

2/2.5/or 3 way preferred. Assuming your comment about wanting “punch”, you prefer to listen louder and don’t need speaker sensitivity to be 90+ so low volume listening is delivering frequencies at desired levels.
Some options are:


Range and series is dependent on budget, and new versus lightly used.
Other issues to consider are front and down firing bass ports versus rear ports for room placement.


Spendor D7 or D7.2… Monitor Audio Gold 300… Dynaudio Contour 20 or 30 (price advantage over newer ‘i’ models!) or Evoke 50… BW 702 S2…???

…ProAc D30RS or D30DS depending if you like ribbon or dome tweeter. I think they would be an excellent match with your NAP 250 DR.

Many opportunities are available! All depends of course on your personal preference, your equipment and of course your local room characteristics. In my situation PMC Fact.8 match superbly with 250DR amplifier. Just give it a try … success

+1 for ProAc D20R. Listened to a few different options and preferred them over ATC, Focal and Dynaudio. They are quite room friendly too and not too fussy about placement. I’ve got a 272/CHC555 feeding a 250.2, so perhaps having a DR may change things?

Neat Ekstra’s ?


I have had Kudos and Neats work very well with my NAP250.

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What Pre are you using as this can impact the interaction with 250DR.

282 with SCAP DR .

Budget minded? Best sound for the money? ProAc DT8.

Depending on where you are, I would look into dynaudio evoke 30 or totem speakers, possibly a used contour (dynaudio)

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