Speakers For Olive Naim Amps

I share Loki views, I ran Allaes for many years using Olive amps including the 250, eventually sold the Allaes (owned for 13 years) but after 2 years returned to a different pair but this time using a 250DR.

Why should old speakers match better with olive amps? A good speaker is a good speaker whether it’s old or modern. Same with amplifiers !

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You can use sbl speakers. Set them up and try. If it turns out not to your liking replace the back plaster board with soundline gib which is thicker/stronger and is designed for sound insolation, they recommend 2 layers this also works as bracing so you will have a stronger wall. Then at the same time put some noise insulation (we call it noise batts over here)into space behind. then spike your speakers onto some 8mm marine grade stainless steel bolts that you have screwed into the floor when she wasn’t looking job done😎. I know it works because I’ve done it for my SL2 speakers!
While bit of a mission this SHOULD turn out cheaper than £2500 plus you have future proofed your room. If you get resistance from the “one who should be obeyed” just ask her what colour she wants to paint the new wall, works a treat😁

My Olive system works wonderfully with my Kudos T88s
Pricy but the last speaker I will own
Much more musical than my previous Focal 1038 be’s
Second hand a great value
Best sound I ever had


Yes I really can’t see any issues with serviced old or new naim amps or speakers.
Epos Es11/14 will just keep on giving as will the sbl and sl2.

Because old speakers with Olive are more of a known. And because (I believe) recommending contemporary speakers in general (beyond basic confirmations that they work or not) is nonsense. No one has the same ears, room, or preferences. It’s a bit like trying to tell someone green is better than red.

My memory isn’t great but with the 140, 180 and 250 that I’ve owned that I do remember I’ve used them all with Dynaudio Contours a great match IMO.


When I had the proac super tablettes,
I was using a onix oa21 intergrated amp and they sound great.
But when I changed to naim amps, They weren’t the same especially with cd.
I was originally looking for the onix pre/power combo,
But was informed at the time they had reliability issues.

I use Quad ESL 63s with my Olive set (72 + HiCap + NAP250).
Perhaps something to consider - if you can stand the way they look :slight_smile:

The day my SBL can not express themselves because of a bad wall, I come back without hesitation to 72 / HC / 180 on a pair of Credo :notes::tada:

I remember the Onix OA21 well but at the time there was also the Exposure X and the Nait 2 to choose from for about the same price. I did choose the Nait ‘‘with Rogers LS7s’’ but in the end, it is only a question of personal taste and someone else with the same budget could have preferred some different amps and speakers.

Since you have a high grade Naim system, many options could be looked at including old classic or modern speakers but i think you should let your ears decide.

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