Speakers or boxes

Good advice, cheers Chris. I shall update the post when I get the Orkestra’s to demo.

Do you know when they’re turning up yet?

Are you gonna demo any other speakers

Good luck!

Hi @joel,

I am currently going thru similar upgrade. Have the Neat Motive SE2 and wanted better sound so the local Neat distributor lent me the Orkestra speakers for home demo. They have great sound, more relaxed, easy to drive. I even played them a couple of days ago with Nait 5i-2 amp. Its of course important for you to demo them at home. Will be happy to get your comments after you listen to them.

See a thread I published here on same matter

Keep the 200 and replace the 202 with the 282.

He tried that…
I lent him a 282 & hicap
Reckoned very little difference??

I was amazed

Purchased the Neat Orkestra today. Am very pleased with them. Dealer mentioned they are bargain for what they sound.

That’s good, however the dealer is hardly going to suggest that they are overpriced.


Thought I would put on an update on this thread as things have progressed with my upgrade path.
So the lovely folks at Neat loaned me a set of Orkestra’s to demo at home on my current system. Wow, I must admit they sounded absolutely fantastic. My foot did not stop tapping whilst my arm hairs were standing to attention! Neat were right when they said my Nap200 would easily drive them. However, as great as they sounded I had to get them past ‘the boss’ and she wasn’t impressed with the look of them….this wasn’t a deal breaker but happy wife = happy life as they say! After doing some further research I ended up getting a brand new pair of Neat Momentum sx5i’s for an excellent price, optional feet included. If I’m honest I do also prefer the more conventional aesthetic look, especially with the chunky feet. I am currently running them in and they are getting better by the day. Now I know they won’t quite match the Orkestra’s for sound quality however this purchase has allowed me to get a Nac282 2021 model for a great price from a dealer. With my new Momentum’s my system is sounding superb. When I’ve sold my nac202 I shall be able to get a pre loved Nap250DR. Overall this will be a more significant overall upgrade than just the speakers….


Yes it will :smiley: You made the right decisions in the end.

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