Speakers playing while headphones plugged in

The Speakers play at a very low volume while headphones are plugged in (nait xs2 + hicap dr ) in a passive mode. If the headphones (Bang & Olufsen H9 3rd Gen) are powered on (active mode) there is absolutely no sound coming of the speakers. With the Airpods Max the speakers are also absolutely silent.
Any Idea whats going on? Something related to ohms and impedance probably?

Driver Sensitivity

93dB @ 1kHz / mW in passive mode


24 Ohm +/- 15%

I have a mute button for each source into my NAC 82 pre-amp. The mute doesn’t prevent any sound going out of the headphones. Is there a mute on your Nait XS2 and have you tried using it?

What is passive mode?

The Beoplay H9 are Bluetooth Headphones and have a power switch and noise canceling. However also have a 3.5 port. So i can leave them off and just connect them to the nait‘s headphone amp and sound comes out. However if I do it, the speaker also play, but barely perceptible levels. If I turn them on and then connect the 3.5 plug, the speakers are completely muted.

If I press mute on the nait, all is muted, the speakers and headphones.

That’s very low impedance for headphones. No idea if that matters. Naim Atom HE is only suitable down to 32 ohms I think. Not overly relevant to your situation. Unfortunately I can’t help other than to suggest using headphones without built in amplifiers.

Actually the problem only occurs when the headphones are used with the amp turned off (completely passively), so that the nait does all the amplification.

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