Speakers Pop (New naim amp)

Dear friends
I have Dali option 6 speakers driven by a Supernait 3. Standard interconnects and power cables (although I have a supposedly interference free power supply see image)
The Amp is 2 months old and sounds fine, the speakers are 2 years old
There are 2 pops when the amp is turn on heard though the speakers. A soft one followed about 3 sec later by a slightly louder one, dependent on speaker volume…
Is this normal?
Thanks for advice in advance

Yes but your best to leave it on permanently…

Yes, the advice from Naim is to leave the electronics switched on and in standby. You will get the best sound quality when the electronics are warmed up. Turn your Supernait off however if there are likely to be thunderstorms and if you go away.

Will do and thank you!

I’d also get your Naim kit off that power strip.


Agree. Its pretty old. It does come with approval from popular review site #1!
Can you suggest an alternative? I do not have 3 wall sockets where I live now.

What 3 items do you need to connect. Your profile only shows the ND5 and SN3 ?

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I have a Project Turntable (Debut Karbon) connected via RCA to the Nait

Ah I see. I’d suggest if you have a double socket available then just try the Naim kit plugged straight into that compared to the power strip.

If you find it better then I’d suggest looking at a better power strip so you can use all your components - The Wireworld Matrix and Music Works blocks are good. Otherwise, another option is a Graham’s Hydra.


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