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My ex bought herself years back a Unitiqute and is very happy ever since. A few days ago she managed to get a second hand Naim nap 100 and asked me to install. Ok no problem. The actuel connection is not a problem but insecure about the speaker setting. Large or no? Some advice needed. Thanks in advance.

The speaker setting, large or small depends on the speakers, not the power amp.

I believe it’s used to optimise the characteristics for either full range speakers (set it to large) or for satellite speakers when used with a sub.

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Ok. But I was tolded that if you leave the settngs like that the Nap100 will not work properly.I have downloaded the manuels offcourse ( no Dutch) but they are not clear to me. She has no surround.

Large will bypass the power from the power amp and is the setting when using the NAP100.

Edit: it’s actually the “none” setting.

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Thanks a lot.

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Sorry, I just checked, it should be “no speakers”, which is a bit confusing I know. Just doubled checked on mine. Also good article here:


Thats what I thought reading the same article also:

"“As soon as I switched the internal power amplifier of the UnitiQute to the ‘no speakers’ position in the menu a darkness in the sound disappeared and the character of the Qute changed to the sunny side of music reproduction. Naim’s classic pace, rhythm and timing made its appearance, percussion had more attack and the sound got more involving.”.

There is no Mention of this in the manuel. Feeds a lot of mis understanding.

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It does say in the speakers section of the manual to select ‘None’ when no speakers are connected directly to the unit. But to be fair it’s not particularly clear that that means when connecting speakers via an off board power amp.

But yes, the correct setting is speakers > none when using a NAP 100. I don’t know about what that reviewer reported, but I definitely noticed an uptick in clarity back when I had a UQ2 with a NAP 150X and changed the speaker setting accordingly.

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Yes, I learnt the hard way. Had it wrong for 5 years!

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