Speakers suggestions to pair with Naim Unity Star

Hi folks. I’m new to the forum and to the world of music streaming. I’m in the process of putting together a new system for my living room and have selected the Naim Star as the all in one box to use for the center of my system. I intend to use it for music streaming, ripping my cd collection and also want to hook it up to my TV. I’m looking for a set of speakers to hook up the Star and for the life of me, can’t make a decision. I have no way of testing speakers, so my decision is bound to the reviews and recommendations I can get from forums like this one. My budget is $2000 USD. I’ve have taking a look at both bookshelf and floorstanding models from B&W, Focal, KEF and Paradigm. My main issue is that I 'm not sure about which model would pair adequately with the Star (power wise).

Any recommendations you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

Hmmm if in America how about GoldenEar Triton 7 floor standers…or stand mounts… Kef LS50 are nice and well-balanced, Harbeth P3…

Thank you for the suggestions. Could all the speakers suggested be driven by the Star without a problem?

The best advice anyone here can give you is to audition. If you can’t yourself, someone that knows your taste and system would be second best. Even if you can only audition a few, you’ll likely end up with something better (for your ears) than picking something at random based on other people’s opinions.

Having said that, I have the B&W 702 with the Star, which drives them fine despite being hard to drive. So I would expect it to drive others from their range as well. The continuum mids are amazing.

The LS50 while definitely recommended to audition, I would not buy without an audition.

Those B&W 702’s look great, but unfortunately they are above my budget.

603 or 704 might work, but is there really no way you can audition?

And do you have an idea as to what type of speaker you want? Floorstanding? Standmount? Any brands you’ve owned that you liked?

Unfortunately, there is no way for my to audition them. This will be my first audiophile system, so I have no experience with other speakers. For the space that I have, bookshelf or floorstanding will work.

What kind of music do you tend to listen to?

I like R&B, Jazz, Rock, Classical. Want to use the Star to stream music, rip my cd collection and hook it up to my TV

…you may want to look and demo a pair of the ProAc Tablet 10 speakers which should pair with the ‘Star’ nicely.

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Dynaudio Evoke 10’s would be a good choice.

Bit of everything that’s not electronic. Similar to mine. I’d say you need all-rounders.
I didn’t audition any speakers within your budget with the Star, but based on the ones I did like and assuming lower in the same range will have a similar sound, try the B&W 705s2 or 704s2. Another option, is, if you can stretch a bit, the Revel F206. They were a really close second to the 702’s I got, and seem to be a bit cheaper in the US. Maybe even a second hand pair could work?

Or as someone else suggested the LS50. An amazing speaker, and a quick google turns out the Atom can drive them, so I guess the Star shouldn’t have an issue. I had only heard them with bigger amps hence my initial caution above.

Auditioning is really ideal … however if you can’t audition…you could try hahum Amazon and return say the LS50s if you don’t like them.
I have auditioned these speakers on a number of amps…and they are very tolerant and generally give a balanced sound. The Proac Tablet is stunning a speaker that really can divide…a bit like Linn Kan Mk1s … Harbeths P3ESR again wonderful but need to be driven by the right amp…you are in a tricky position… My experience with B&W is not great but I think they need great care partnering with the right amp…be careful with these…they can sound lean if not driven correctly…you need a good dealer to demo these great speakers…
The other thing is what size room have you got and are you going to have to position near a wall…also don’t forget you will need good speaker stands…

My Star is hooked up to LS50s which work really well to my ears. No problem driving them


You could take a look at the Monitor Audio Gold 100
Synergy of Nova/AQ/MA Gold 5G works great for me.

I do not know if you can get Rega speakers in the USA. If you can, I would suggest you consider the RX3 or the RX5.

what I like about the LS50 is there dispersion they sound good when listening off access…which I think makes them a little more room tollerant…

I guess the KEF LS50 are back on the short list.

Special 40 maybe, I did use it but move on to separate eventually.

Totem’s Tribe Towers or Hawks from Canada are a delight.