Speakers that work well close to the rear wall

The LS3/5As that I have a few feet away work very well indeed sitting on stands with the rear of the cabinet close to a wall.

Why do some people feel the need to spout such ill-informed comments?

I find Neat Xplorers work really well close to a rear wall and are designed with Naim amplification in mind


Because LS3/5A are designed to be used away from the wall in room,so they don’t sound very good close to a wall.

Not so! They were originally designed for use as recording/broadcast monitors, so could well have found themselves inside a mobile outside broadcast vehicle.


Does anyone own Sonus Faber speakers with Naim amps? Thanks.

I had SF Guarneris with Naim NAP135s for a few years. They were fabulous.

I’ve had some of the early original SF stand mounts, great woodwork and nice mids, basnotes only average good.

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My Allae’s are about 8" from the rear wall, 36" from the corners, and about 7’ apart. The fact that they’ve stayed constant through my 25 plus years of NAIM upgraditis must speak to their good sound and reliability.

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As some other members pointed out, I would suggest Kudos too. Once I’ve heard the Super 20As and sounded pretty good (they were literally against the wall).


Xplorers are great speakers imho - I am hearing them now via 82/HC/250. However, on my floor, using Isoacoustic Gaias (or presumably Neat’s own isolating feet) made a big difference. Even then, if you like to turn it up the enthusiastic levels, 40cm to the wall behind them seems a good distance and 20cm is definitely too little.

Perhaps it depends on how liberal you are with volume and how close ‘close’ is?

Depends on the room and to some extent expectations. They don’t compete with NBLs too well, I have both and when I was expecting the NBLs not to work I initially moved my main system with the Allaes, I spent a fair bit of time optimising them too but when I decided to give the NBLs a chance with the hollow walls they put the Alleas in the shade. The work with the Allaes wasn’t wasted however as the NBLs came on song with the front baffles the same distance out as my final choice for the Allaes.

Spendor A7s work well close ish to a rear wall

Does anyone use Canton speakers with Naim? Interesting look but uncommon in the US.


My old Isobarik and Kan are as close to wall you think they are wall mounted :grin:


I had a few chances to hear some models from the Reference K series with a NAP 300, and an unforgettable demo of the just arrived and assembled Solstice and Statement with Reference 1 K, and they were all very, very good.

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Wall mounted ‘briks are an interesting concept!