Speakers to partner 272/300DR

Currently have the following
272 with a CHC555, 300DR linked through to PMC25.23 on Acoustica Gaia’s. SL speaker and mains cables and Witchhat Morgana interconnect.
Listening position is across the lounge about 2.5 metres away on a wooden floor.
Love the sound listening mainly to electronic and rock.
Love the sound but occasionally feel the urge to upgrade the speakers.
Heard the PMC 25.24i speakers at Bristol show and really liked them.
What other speakers should I audition?

Perhaps Kudos Titan 606 or 707, Proac D30R, Totem Forrest…

If you like PMC, why not listen to their Fact range?

If you can find a pair SL2s

The SBLs work well …but, the bigger issue to my mind is which speaker will work well in your room.

In my case I have a victorian semi with a solid brick wall I can put the speakers against.

TAD CE1 or ME1s … I have a pair of ME1s, they are stunning!

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