Speakers to suit Nait 5si in a less than ideal room

First post in quite a while (house move etc). I have deployed my 5si in my office and I would like to ask for some recommendations for suitable speakers. Currently they are some R90’s which are hand-me-downs.

The room measures 2.5x3.5x2.5m and my listening position is at the window. The room is very harsh (clap test gives a nasty spiky decay) and I am sourcing some acoustic panels for the first reflection points on the walls.

Photo gives an idea of the space. Speaker baffle position roughly 40cm from the side walls and 30cm from the back wall.

I am looking for some speakers that will suit the space and well suited to nearfield listening (my ears are about 1m from the baffles). I’ve been looking at Kef Q series mainly due to the driver design but of course I defer to the greater knowledge here. Source is Tidal to DAC to 5si. Mainly listen to rock/prog/metal and my budget is around £500 new or preowned.

If there are any other suggestions for optimising listening, i’m also grateful.

Many thanks!

Reckon a pair of Guru QM10’s would work that space with ease, designed to work with the rear wall and real world environments.

Cracking speakers in my opinion and have little sponge isolation feet built in so work well on shelves etc that are less than ideal.

I know it makes them sound like they are not serious speakers but honest , they do things most can’t.

They also have the Junior speaker in range that used the same drive units as the original mk1 Qm10s. If you can find some preowned (Tom Tom audio used to have some) reckon it would fit your budget.

I have an Atom in my similarly sized office and run it with Neat Iotas. I think I read somewhere that the Atom’s internal amp has a bit of CD5si in its DNA, so they might be worth a try with your amp.


How is the low end? It’s almost non existent with my R90’s and they have a similar sized woofer.

The difficulty with answering that question is that my perception of “a good low end” might be different from yours, but I’ll try.

In no way does my Atom/Iota setup achieve the same depth of bass and fullness of sound as the main system in my lounge, but that cost more than five times as much, the amp is a lot more powerful and the speakers are floor standing three-ways and it is playing in a much larger room. To my ears, the bass I hear in my office is tight and tuneful and more than adequate for the room. Does very deep bass make my stomach wobble? No, but I think that would be very difficult to achieve in such a small room, except perhaps with a carefully tuned subwoofer. And listening to, say, a jazz trio the double bass comes through at the sort of level I hear in a live performance. Neat’s founder and proprietor is an active musician and their speakers are tuned by ear to sound as musical as possible. To me they offer such an engaging presentation with the Atom that I simply enjoy the music rather than focus on one or other aspect of their performance.

Neat also offer the Iota Alpha which is a very small floor standing development of the Iota incorporating an additional downward-firing bass driver. This goes a good deal lower than the original, but judging by your photo I’m not sure you could incorporate them in your room.


I have Spendor 3/5 speakers fed by a CB 42/110 in a slightly larger room. They are perfectly adequate for near-field listening at moderate levels and I love them. You might find a good pair second hand for around GBP 500 or slightly more.

My brother-in-law has Dali Spektor 2 speakers in a room almost exactly the same size as yours. A friend has Q Acoustic 3020 speakers in a similar room. The Dali speakers are inexpensive, the Q Acoustics (or their more recent incarnations) should be well within your budget. I have heard both and would be happy to have them if the Spendors were stolen by aliens.

Some Guru Juniors would be fantastic as they are very forgiving and have bass to die for but even secondhand they will be out of the stated budget and very hard to find (£1800 new).

One of the mysteries of the Guru list price, I think the Juniors may once have had a starting price of £800, quickly became £1000, then on to £1200. At the same time the Qm10s we’re doing a similar dance and I bought my first pair at £1500 ish new and the second pair was £1700 (think Tom Tom did me a deal).

When casually looking at their website have seen the QM10s even got beyond £3k a pair briefly.

I did see a pair of Juniors recently on the pre loved list from Tom Tom with the price listed as £phone …., James is a very reasonable guy :grinning:.

So yes, the availability of them and the price variable, they are a difficult target to hit, maybe hope over reality on my part for the OP.

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