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Hi @Zackwater
Can you explain what you meant when you said I did have sopra 3 speakers (should have used sopra 2’s). Was it room size?

I always felt as if the 250/272 would have been better balanced with the Sopra 2’s. When I moved up to the 252/300 the Sopra 3’s were much better.

so, focussing on speakers: current shortlist to audition are
Sopra 2 (or maybe 3, used)
Harbeth 40.2
Harbeth Super HL5 Plus XD

and probably 252 with current amps

and either dcs Rossini/clock or Naim NDX2/xps dr or 555 as source.

What else would be on your audition list?

I have used Ruark Sceptres for years because I really like the drum sound from them. I have recently moved house and have a (small) dedicated listening room. On a smaller budget than you, I had a demo last week. I finally settled on Proac DB3s. Just waiting on supply now.

What is the size of your room? Let us know your impressions if you managed to try these speakers.

6m x 5m
brick wall one side (long side), 2 plasterboard walls at ends, plasterboard/French window opposite brick. Vaulted ceiling, so 2.5m lowest point rising to 5m at peak, across room. Relatively neutral room, resonance at ~40Hz.

Soft furnishings, rug, canvas paintings on wall infilled with fibreglass insulation = acoustically absorbent. Only hi-fi (separate AV system).

listening position about 1.5m from rear wall.

Good sized room. I’ve got to recommend: ProAc K6, Magnepan 20.7, Dynaudio Contour or Confidence series, Magico, Wilson Audio, YG Acoustics

wow quite a list! thx for recommendations

I am using Franco Serblin Essence and the synergy with Naim is outstanding!

Thoroughly recommend you audition them.

Listened to a few today - Kudos Titan 707’s were great, but the Dynaudio Confidence 50’s were epic. Focal Sopra 2’s were nice, B&W 803’s were too bright for me.

The search continues…

Are PMC Fact 12’s on your list?

Sonus Faber?

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Gosh xcentric, your question certainly covers plenty of scope for changes!

If music streaming is your only source, then this thread may prove helpful:
A comparison of many streamers

You already have a lovely amp & speakers. Ruark always made deceptively good, properly musical speakers.

In contrast, very few streamers actually sound musically credible and “right” to these cloth ears. And you have gone and hit the bullseye with the DCS Rossini + clock. Once you have heard one of these, almost any other streamer sounds artificial.

So by all means upgrade your pre-amp, power amp, go active or buy Sopras. They will all give you better hifi but in the process will shine a brighter spotlight on the limitations of your streaming source.

So I would leave your amp & speakers well alone. In your position, I too would buy the Rossini + clock, then sit back and enjoy the marvel of truly great streamed music.

Best regards, BF

No budget mentioned! Does that mean open ended?

Speakers can vary so much in sound even at quite exalted price points, so you really have to go and listen and find what you like – but of course you need a shortlist to do that!

With your decent size room (vaulted ceiling is good, too) I suggest PMC MB2, the best speaker I’ve heard.

If money no object MB2XBD! And if you really want to push the boat out and have truly excellent sound, they do that active… There’s an active PMC MB2XBD on fleabay right now for an extremely good starting price - If I had already moved into my next home and had the spare cash left I wouldn’t be telling you as I’d be bidding!

Another I’d certainly audition would be the ATC SCM150 active, simply because I love their midrange unit (very similar to that of the big PMC) and think the level of their speakers with reasonable bass extension.

Just an update in case anyone’s interested.

Likely solution is Dynaudio Confidence 50’s, with 552/552 PS DR, 300 DR, Rossini & clock. Dealer doing excellent deal with Fraim and cables too, all contingent on home listen - though have heard the speakers in 2 different rooms and excellent both times. More than I was originally looking to spend (by about 10x) but engagement and presence and musicality won the day. Plus my lovely wife told me we must get them as they sounded so great.

Just waiting on delivery now. Excited :slight_smile:


You only live once, and if your other half is on board…


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If you are going for those speakers it would be well worth getting a 500 rather than a 300.

already upgrading my 250DR to the 300DR. And my preamp choices from just the 272 preamp stage to 552…

Whilst you are probably correct, I suspect these speakers will last and work with most anything before them, so this is perhaps the limit now. One day, maybe I’ll go up another level, but we’re close to what I bought my first house for art the moment on all this, so I plan to stick. Mind you, I might be persuaded (I did a quick Google search on s/h ones, to be fair… :slight_smile: )

edited to add: so I get it would be better - can you describe how tho?
edited again to say have now read the 300->500 thread, and sent email to dealer!

I went from 250 to 300 to 500. Maybe the dealer will bring both. I know it’s not run in, but you will get a good demo. All this is based upon, IF THE FUNDS ALLOW. Don’t ever put yourself in financial strain to upgrade, it’s never that good.

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