Speakers vs Cans

So playing around with various mobile audio players (UAPP, Neutron and Poweramp) I am VERY impressed at the quality in car via Android Auto, sadly moving to my headphones (Sony MX3) no improvement, vs to Tidal app.

Then it dawned on me and confirmed via BT headphones there is no benefit.

Now I dont PLEASE want to go crazy on bespoke type media players and expensive wired headphones, but very intrigued as to if any forum members solely use headphones.

I find the experience with the better codec processor app with Android is very rewarding and more personal (if that makes sense), moreso no room acoustics to worrying about.

I can’t offer much real experience, as apart from when travelling it is about 40 years since I spent much time listening with headphones. Compared to my limited headphone listening, however, despite the inevitable effect of room acoustics, I think music sounds better through speakers. Maybe it is different with headphones that might challenge my speakers for price, but even then,p one fundamental difference is the feel of bass on the skin, direct or transmitted by clothing and seating etc. The bass end therefore could never be natural - however perhapse the top end might be possible to have more natural than through speakers, especially with binaural headphones.

It will be interesting to learn of others’ experiences, not least because I sometimes wonder about getting some decent headphones for circumstances when listening through speakers is not ideal - rare at present, but I can envisage instances when it might be desirable.

Which CODEC is in use by the Sonys?

Sony use AptX HD, SBS and LDAC, with Android in developer mode you can override what Android defaults to, but it is a very minor if any improvement, I think Android still strangled it whereas these apps bypass Android.

How does cable connecting the Sonys compare to results over Bluetooth? the

That’s just what I was looking at this morning via 3.5mm, shame wasted extra going wireless to now possible add a wire back.

I have a pair of Shure in ear type, will find and try them.

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