Speakers which one sounds best with Naim

Hi I’m thinking of changing my S400 Naim speakers, I’ve been looking at Focal Kandar floor standing also the new PMC twenty5/ 24i speakers.
My Naim equipment NDX2 and Suprnait 3.
Not being able to hear a demo at the moment I was wondering if anyone has these speakers. Regards Terryf

Welcome Terry.

What is it about the S400s that you don’t like with your Naim electronics? I think people will be better able to help you if you are able to say what it is you are looking for.


Nothing they sound good, I’ve had them 4/5years and fancied a change. I had Focal shelf speakers before I had the S400 and liked them.

I’d just wait til you can hear a few at the shop and then at home. In the meantime just enjoy what you have. Buy some more records.


Hi Terry. I had a pair of second hand Ovator400s for 9 months which I purchased without a lengthy listen/audition. Whilst I enjoyed them initially I became increasingly sceptical about the finesse of their treble and found the sound rather veiled with lesser quality recordings. I also concluded that they were too big for my lounge. I was fortunate to be able to upgrade soon after their purchase to a used 252 (always longed for one)/ Supercap/250 and felt that I wasn’t hearing their true capability. I organised a proper listening session at my local Hi-fi dealer. I took a listen to a pair of Gold Note A3Evo, Focal Kanta 1, Focal Aria 924, Monitor Audio Gold300s. A rather varied group I know. I listened to a variety of rock, jazz and classical music through a Naim system, albeit not identical to my own. The combo was a 202/Supercap DR/250 DR. I was impressed by the Gold Notes but they lacked a little scale. The Monitor Audios were incredibly bright. The Arias were nicely balanced, but perhaps unsurprisingly given the cost the Kantas sounded special. They were wonderfully detailed and their treble was so alive but also refined. The lower frequencies were full but very nicely defined. I took the plunge and made the purchase in the knowledge that if they didn’t get on with my lounge I could go back to my local dealer. I’ve now run them in and in simplistic terms they really ‘dance’ and with a good quality recording are quite spellbinding. They’re really insightful and I continue to hear details and nuances in many recordings that I never knew existed. Its an adventure. I haven’t heard PMCs but know they are well regarded.
Hope this might help.

What’s the budget?

Fancying a change suggests you aren’t wholly satisfied with the sound of your system. As speakers are the biggest contributor to the character of the sound, that might indeed be where the problem lies - though it is not a given.

You have to hear speakers yourself as they all sound so different, and if at all possible in your own system & listening room - and ideally for an extended period to be able to decide if more satisfying than the S400s. I expect you’ll end up with quite a few suggestions to assist your shortlisting… As someone who prefers transmission line bass, PMCs would be on my list, though I’ve only heard Twenty-26 and higher models. Quite a few Naim owners use PMC though how well the SN3 can drive particular models only people with direct experience could tell you. Kerr Acoustics or Castle are other current transmission line manufacturers, though I haven’t heard any of theirs so no idea what they are like other than the opinion of reviewers.

If I was looking at speakers more widely I’d also be interested in hearing the bigger ATCs (SCM 40 and up, though a sub might be needed with the 40 for the bottom octave) - ATC also finds some favour on this forum.

£6500 max

Secondhand or ex-dem would increase the buying power, bringing in some quite decent speakers - that is what I would do.

I would agree with previous replies, speakers are the thing that have greatest impact on your listening experience and it is very much a combination of personal taste and what works in your listening room. When I auditioned for new speakers some 20 years ago, I was blown away by the totally different character of various brands. Home trial if you can and definitely compare to your existing model.

Thank you I will wait to get a demo, I have had good reports on the PMC 25/24i, also the Focal Kantas floor speakers from people who have the same set up as me

It’s a respectable budget,
If you do not object to a second-hand speaker, you can even get much more expensive speakers.
The following models stayed in my house and were heard on my system-
I finally chose your big brother’s speaker …
In addition-
I do not have data for your listening space, so some models may not be relevant to you.
The HARBETH ,KUDOS 505 and the NEAT XLS are not floor-standing but should not be underestimated at all.

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