hello guys … has anyone built high-efficiency speakers especially for the shared Naim …?

I have 2x 250 Drs and I would like to make the best of them … What would your speakers look like if you built them for Naim System?
forget Kudos Spendor etc … use your imagination and reach for the heavens…:grin:

They would probably not be high-efficiency to avoid hearing the Naim hiss :slight_smile:

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Apertura Edena or Onira, easy load speakers. Are sold in Poland. I have the older model with a nap 250 dr.
Very fast, natural, airy, disappearing.

As for true high efficiency, like horn speakers, Naim is not recommended, IMHO.

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If you want high efficiency then horns can give you 10-20 dB/W more than the range typical of hifi speakers, but if you want low bass the horns can be HUGE: A horn used in the corner of a room would need a mouth area of about 0.75m2 to go down to 40Hz, 1.3m2 to go down to 30Hz, at least double if not in corner.

But as others have pointed out, they would also make any amp noise like hiss 10-20dB louder, and for home use are commonly used with low power low noise amps - though direct feed from Chord TT2 DAC may be excellent, maybe Dave too if not wanted as loud.

I’ve never heard a proper horn system in a home - I’d love to, as they have fascinated me since the domestic concrete horn tales back in the 1960s, and Wireless World’s DIY designs for more domestically acceptable horns in 1974. If you search online you should find the wireless world designs - it was a series of 3 article, culminating with the design for a “no compromise” domestic horn… though not quite full range as it only went down to 40Hz. It was designed as a rectangular box, with dimensions something like 6-7ft high, 4ft wide and 3 or 4 ft deep, with bass horn mouth 4ft square, and of course had compromises not least because the bass horn was heavily folded.


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