Am after some advice on matching some speakers to my naim xs 3.
Listened to some proac responce dt8 in the shop and they did sound very nice but at £2300 can I get better value for my money, am looking for floor standing

How much are the Neat Iota floorstanders?

Just under £1700 for the Iota Alpha. They seem interesting speakers, I keep wondering about them for our conservatory, I like that they are short.

I was wondering about a pair of Kudos X2’s for the OP. They seem a bargain on the used market and on paper would pair nicely in a Naim XS system.

Speakers are hard to buy blind though but best value is on the used market.


Neat Motive SX2 speakers match really well with a NAIT XS 3.


look at Motive SX2 or Kudos X2/X3 if you have the room, they need to be away from rear wall and furniture.
Not expensive


Best value for money comes with secondhand, or possibly ex-demo. Good speakers just a few years old have a lifetime ahead of them, and your £ buys you more - the only way I would buy with a limited budget.

This is what I posted in a recent similar thread with a fairly similar budget (though different amp) - the rest of the thread is probably worth a read.

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My experience the other way 'round: I used to have a pair of Ovator S-400s in my largish, T-shaped living room and they were placed, by necessity, on one of the shorter T’s horizontal walls about 3,8 mt wide, facing circa 7 mt.
I was never happy with them using my trusted SuperNait, which had always made the n-Sats sound big and open. For a number of reason I lately moved to ND5 XS2 and Nait XS2, and I finally heard the S-400 at their best - leaner, homogeneous, coherent and very listenable without the usual HiFi artefacts I often find in celebrated floor standers.
Just to say that with a Nait XS - a great little amp, in my view, I realise today - a pair of S-400s, which can be found second hand for very reasonable sums, are still a good choice, an ‘important’ speaker system with much technology inside and looks that blend unsuspectedly well into any furnishing style.



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