My first post, having read many for years! I’ve recently added a pair of Wharfedale Elysium 4’s to my system. Thought I’d pass on, that although bedding in, they are excellent and the finish is superb. They seem to pair well with the Naim equipment. The dealer and Wharfedale warned to let them settle, as they’d been in a shipping container for months. Initially the AMT tweeter seemed reserved, but appears to have improved markedly with use. Dynamics are amazing and I’ve not heard a speaker before that seems to create a soundstage behind it. I think our room doesn’t really allow them to quite work to their full effect however. Im using Naim Nac A5 cable at the mo, which I’d like to change when funds allow. Had many speakers over the decades, and these are definitely good. You get the, “what was that” moments and turn everything down, only to realise it’s come from the system. Hope this helps if anyone is looking around at the mo. For info I’ve had numerous speakers over the decades which I hope gives a reasonable reference point.

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I’m not sure why you want to change the NACA5 cable.


I would not…

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Hi. It was dealer advice re the cable. Thanks. Tim.

I heard the Elysiums on the end of some Macintosh kit recently. Macintosh is not generally to my taste but the Wharfdales were very good, letting the Macintosh kit sound exactly like Macintosh kit. They seem like a lot of speaker for the money and very well finished - a huge step on from Wharfdales of old. I think anyone looking for a speaker in this range should put these on the audition list.

There is always a chance that the dealer was trying to extract a little more cash from you…

Welcome to the forum and congratulations on the new speakers and thanks for taking the time to write your review.

Hopefully you get a demo period with the speaker cables and have a chance to compare against the NACA5 before making the purchase.

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In a Naim system, Naca5 is very hard to beat imo. I even preferred it to SL.
Def demo the new cable before you commit to purchase if possible…

Witch Hat do a couple of speaker cables the N2 which I have and Phantom which I haven’t heard. I have NACA5 which is good but very stiff and difficult to dress. N2 is similar in sound but easier to dress. Lots of Naim owners like the Phantom.

Thing is you can’t go wrong with NACA5, it’s what Naim recommend after all. It has right capacitance and is designed for Naim kit.

Welcome and congrats on your new speakers. I wouldn’t mess with the speaker wires if I were you.


Thank you for the advice.

Ok. Thanks.

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Ok. Thank you. Think maybe I’ll leave that idea then, given the feedback, and spend a few years saving for a pre amp upgrade to instead!

If the dealer is a good one he may even recommend and let you audition the cables before buying. They are not all out to screw customers.
That said it is only you who can decide if you prefer them or not. Why not try some of the entry level chord cables.
Also depends on your budget as well. Some cables cost alot of money. You can address these things with any serious dealer

Dealer has been very helpful. No pressure and professional. Cable idea was probably down to me as I began the discussion, which resulted in some recommendations. Thanks.

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