I would like suggestions regarding speakers.Now i have Mantra 50 Audio System driven by NAIM NOVA
4x4 room
badget 4000 euro

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Try typing ‘speakers for nova’ in the search. This has been discussed countless times.

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It has been discussed many times, many, many times but as far as stand mounts go , Dynaudio Super 40s crop up frequently - and I do mean frequently.

I have a Nova , it’s a very fine piece of kit - and I am sure others will come up ideas , but some questions you’ll get asked is floor standers or stand mounts, size of room, musical tastes - and speaker cables.

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ps If you go to the top corner , click on the
Screenshot 2022-06-28 at 08.53.54 symbol and type Nova and speakers, you may get a whole pile of previous answers


I have PMC Twenty 24s with my Nova and I am blown away by the level of performance you get out of this combination, but as previously said that’s with my ears in my room yours would be totally different.

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