Anybody recommend floor speakers for my naim system nap 300dr 252, cds3

Budget? The usual suspects are Neat, Kudos, PMC, Focal amongst others but really depends on your listening area. What works well in one room may be hopeless in another.


Which aspects of your existing speakers do you wish to improve on? And what are they?

Way too many to chose from. Kinda like, “can anyone recommend a car for me?”

People are happy to help, but unless you want (and now you’ll get) a zillion answers about what each of us owns and likes, and a list so big it will be useless to you, you should put some parameters on it.

Budget? How big a room? What do you like? What don’t you like?

Thanks for reply i am using pme 25 23 but just got a lend of fact 8 signature and have to say they are excellent very open clean sound with good bass and excellent timing.

If they sound great in your home, get those!

Now that you’ve heard something in your own home you really like, that should be the standard. DO NOT buy speakers if you’ve not been able to borrow them and bring them home. The home audition is critical, and you’ve already found some really good ones.

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If you like the PMC sound, the Fact 12 is really rather good, especially given its diminutive size, and if you can accommodate them, the MB2 is superb.

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I am currently home demo the new fact 8 signature


God they look really slim, are they or is it just the angle of the photo?

Yes 155mm width

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Yep, and the F12 is only 168mm wide, and a true full range speaker…

Out of curiosity, how do the fact 8’s compare to the 25.23’s? Is there a big difference?

Yes the new signature 8 sound more open, the bass is not booming like the 25 26 which i had for 2 weeks in the same room, they do sound similar to 25 23 but the timing is superb and every note has texture space soundstage is amazing so much better than 25 23 which i still own not for long for me fact 8 signature. Only thing their is not much choice with finishes on new fact 8.

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Yes the finishes out me off…at this price point they should be better

Yes maybe pmc will add more finishes i prefer walnut myself.

When I visited Audio T last week, nearly all the speakers were in piano black. Heaven knows why people buy them as they show the dust and scratches so easily. Maybe that’s what the hip and happening want, whereas we old boys are stuck on veneer.


Black and white seem to be modern colour schemes for interior “design” (except they are not actually colours!), similarly “minimalism”. To me that means bare, hard and uninteresting. That does not mean that black or white speakers couldn’t feature, though black in particular would make a decent size speaker quite imposing in many rooms.wood grains have inherent visual warmth and softness, making them better for domestic use in my view - though there is then the question of which wood, and coordinating or contrasting… Good job I am not into visual aar and design!

Dynaudio have a wide range of finishes and sound really good with Naim.

It is indeed a wise advice. Unfortunately, depending on the reselling culture of your region, this is not always possible.

I’m in the process of replacing my speakers and won’t be able to home audition the candidates (Magico S1 or S3)

I read somewhere that black things look smaller than their coloured counterparts - visually reducing or some such expression.