A little Sunday afternoon question, I currently have the B&W DM4 speaker( well actually I have 3 pairs) which I like lots, so would maybe refurbishing the cross overs make a difference, replace with some old Spendors BC1/SP1 of around the same age or bite the bullet and go for something modern. If it’s modern they would have to be the same sizeish (wife)/properties.
The system they are partnered with is Nait5(as a pre) Nac150 flatcap 2x and CD5.
What are your suggestions?

Not familiar with them, so I Googled them up. The first hit was a story “[Listening test] B&W DM4 Vintage Loudspeakers” It wasn’t all that flattering. Studio monitor approach to sound, but meant for domestic use. I’d think a modern-day LS3-type might be more satisfying? Spendors or Harbeth?

There is no fundamental reason why modern speakers should sound better than older ones, provided the crossovers are still in spec, though likely will be several decades before that is necessary.

Re your existing speakers, if B&W don’t offer crossover servicing or replacement, or is expensive, if you are DIY invlined and can solder, I’d suggest doing that: with most speaker it is fairly easy to access the crossover to replace the capacitors (the inductors don’t need changing, nor will any resistors unless they show evidence of overheating). Armed with the values, somewhere like Falcon Acoustics id a good source of replacements (they even do a dedicated capacitor kits for some speakers.

But otherwise choosing speakers is very personal, as they have the biggest single effect of any component on the character of your system sound - maybe as you like your existing B&Ws a replacement from the same brand might possibly have tha character you like. If your budget is limited I’d suggest secondhand or ex demo to maximise your buying power.

It’s fairly wide open. My only suggestion is to find something that matches the power output of your NAP150 very well.


Not modern, but contemporaneous with your set, and well respected… a used pair of Naim Credos.

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