Speccing Aston Martin Valkyrie

Here we are,

The famous Youtuber Mr. Jww is speccing it for a friend. Being himself a serial supercar owner he few for himself, however as he told and we 'll see there has never been nothing like this.
The options on carbon finish for colours and weaving are almost infinite. All the bolts and nuts are totally bespoke for this car. More importantly there are 2 or 3 tub options defining the angle of your back on the seat all for the maximum efficiency and comfort being the latter fixed to tub (a feature already seen in the Ferrari LaFerrari)
Now is up to Ferrari and Mac Laren to raise the Hypercars game


If it is not available with a 2200 watt 18 speaker Naim stereo as an option in the Bentley Continental then I’m afraid I will have to give it a miss


What’s in a name…

I am not sure that any brands other than Aston Martin offer machine guns, flamethrowers, smokescreens, raisable bullet-proof panel, ejector seat or changing number plates…


And they seem to come with a girl almost as beautiful as my wife.

If there is a new supercar it will show up in Palm Springs, I was at a stoplight in my Ford Focus and an orange car pulled next to me it was a McLaren, I rolled my window down to hear the exhaust notes when he turned right. 2 weeks ago another one, 2 tone in deep maroon paint parked in a seedy parking lot I used to get to another street. If I could afford it I’d go for the new Alfa Guila. Red naturally, I’ve seen numerous ones around

Latest news from Evo.
The small Rimac hypercar manufacter is quickly becoming the consultancy’s benchmark for big automotive players, even Porsche joined them for their new electric models


I think the DB6 had the injector seat. A passanger who complains about your driving or has a back seat driver mentality can be extremely irritating at the best of times, can turn a journey into a nightmare, the simple motion of unclipping the top part of the gear stick and with hidden joy pressing that button and woosh problem solved… sweet dreams.

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