Specifications for Supernait 3 headphone output

Im thinking of getting a nice pair of headphones for late night listening on my Supernait 3.
But where can I find specifications for Supernait 3 headphone output? I can’t find it anywhere.
Does anyone know what they are or where I can find them?

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The thing is that I dont have many headphone suppliers where I live, so I have to have them sent to me to have a chance to listen to them. Now I dont want to have the hazzle for everone involved to send headphones that Supernait 3 cant drive. For example Audeze LCD-4 or Heedphone.

From the manual:
6.3mm (1/4”) Jack
16Ω to 1kΩ load impedance

Audeze LCD-4 are 200Ω so they are within the range. However partnering headphones at the same cost as the sn3 might not be appropriate, you would ideally be looking for a dedicated headphone amp to really get the best out of them.

Have you considered focal headphones?

Thank you! Yes I hope to be able to try Focal Utopia. I’m also looking at Meze Empyrean. Rosson Rad-0 locks interesting but I’m in Europe that makes it very hard to have a chance to be able to listen to them before buying.
Any other suggestion would be appreciated. As well as suggestion of good headphone amp.

I use a pair of Grado SR325E with Supernait 3 and they are a really good match. Not the most comfortable of cans but boy do they work really well (sonically) from SN3’s built in headphone output.

I use Grado SR80’s and Focal Elears with my SN2 and it drives them really well.

…I prefer over the ear headphones and use a pair of Grado GS1000e with my SuperNait 2 for late night listening and times when my wife is on a zoom call/telephone and needs the volume to be turned down.

I also had the Grado RS1e at home for a two week demo prior to a demo of the Grado GS1000e. The specifications between the two are similar but as mentioned above I did prefer the comfort of an over the ear headphone vs on ear headphone. That could be an age related change since I had used on ear headphones in my younger days.

I have a local dealer who stocks Grado and was happy to provide home demo’s… Good luck with your search and decision.

have you looked at ZMF Verite?

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I want a pair of Verites, currently using the Auteurs with a SN3

No not until now. They look interesting. Thank you.

Can I ask what sort of volumes you’re having to run your SN3 at please with cans?

I plugged my AKG K702’s in last week and had to run the volume dial way past 12:00 to get any noticeable volume.

Blimey…9 o’clock should give comfortable listening volume in my experience.

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That’s what I thought, it barely goes past 9 o’clock with regular listening through speakers.

What is important is the impedance on the output which is absent in that spec. With headphones you need to take in the damping factor were the rule of eight applies or it does not drive the diaphragms as well as they should. It’s not as important with planners but with regular drivers it is

That doesn’t sound right at all. Was the connection in the socket good? That model akg has a low impedance of 62 ohms so they can be run easily with a portable player, and not require much volume.

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