Specs of nap 110 transformer

Anybody here know the specs of the naim nap 110 transformer? Since my transformer died. If I am not able to find a replacement, I need to custom order one for it. So pls help me, thank you.

It’s a Holden & Fisher transformer made by them to Naim’s specifications. H&F are now out of business.

You need to contact Naim, or, noting that you may be outside the UK, your distributor. Anything beyond that falls outside of forum AUP.

My nap 110 is with the local distributor. They said they can’t find the diagram because my model is too old. They told me that I can find the transformer by myself or they can get it from naim but it will cost a lot.

Then your best bet is to try Darran at Class A (details can be found on the web) or to look for a parts unit or one in need of repair. But do your sums carefully as it may make most economic sense to scrap your own unit, sell of the good parts (case, chassis, knobs, fascia etc…) and then buy another working NAP110.

I won’t sell my unit as it is historically important to me as it has been with my family (my mother’s side) for a very long time. My mom listened to it even before I was born, and this is the first true hifi unit I’ve listened to and it is great to hear it again after a decade. I will try my best to keep it alive, I’ll buy a custom transformer even if I need to.


Try Darran then. Or else the factory might be able to supply the distributor.

Can I message him via Facebook??

I have no idea. You could always try, I guess. Otherwise Class A have a website with full contact details.

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Alright thanks, for now I will try contacting to him via facebook. Because calling him will be expensive for me

His website has a contact field so you can email. To find Darran’s website please google Class A hi-fi Sheffield

His webpage is HiFi-repairs dot com and as Christopher says the contact us option gives multiple ways to reach him.



Alright, thank you

Sorry but Naim no longer have stock of the transformer.

Do transformers die? Thought the capacitors were the ones to be replaced ?

Not typically, but they can sometimes break down if the insulation degrades in some way, or if stressed by a very high voltage input. If you’ve ever seen a transformer fail under test conditions and witnessed the resulting fire then you’ll appreciate how important it is that the equipment is properly fused.

I think my transformer just got stressed then it suddenly fail. Now me and my uncle is deciding to buy a nap 160, nap 180 or the big brother nap250. We found a Nap 250 bolt down, the owner of it said that it is rare. It is at a price of 1100pounds so it is a lot.

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