Spectre/ Phantom

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KS-1 is offered by Kudos.

KS-1 looks amazingly like Chord Odyssey2…

It looks like Witch Hat are not out of only Audioquest connectors for Spectre cables. I have received a e-mail from them, to inform me they are awaiting parts to build my Morgana XLR Balanced Pair cables. Hopefully, this is not as long a delay as the Audioquest connectors for the Spectre cable. I will drop them a line tomorrow morning and see if they can update me, with what component they are having trouble sourcing and the supplier lead times. :blush:

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I said the same a while ago but Rumour instead of Odyssey. I was roundly rebuked by a dealer who assured me it was a new cable built to Kudos specification after much experimentation.

I’ve since bought it and it’s great sounding and great value.


Kudos used to use Chord cables before they released their own, and Derek always favoured silver plated copper, which both KS1 and all but the cheapest Chord cables used. They do look suspiciously similar to Chord (round and white!!) so I’d be very surprised if they weren’t made by whoever makes cables for Chord.

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Anyone know if they are screwing connectors to bare wire or have a crimp in between?

Josh advises there is a crimp between the wire and the plug. I don’t know the brand but do know it’s not a WBT. Thats good news. I think it’s the best way to attach screw-on plugs & spades.

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Update: Morgana XLR Balanced Pair cable.
Apparently the shortage is for the ETI female XLR connector (this has not been used previously on any product). ETI has advised 5-7 days delivery. So a very small delay compared to my waiting time for the 222/300/250 :blush:

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I have just tried KS-1, but found they filtered out high frequency information, rather like listening with blankets over the speakers (a hypothetical analogy - I’ve never tried it!). I certainly couldn’t live with that loss of detail. I was pleased to switch back to the Super Lumina cables.


I found the same when I heard the Kudos cable, much preferred the phantom cable although I have Kudos speakers.


Interesting. I am aware results will be dependent on the system but evaluating the cable on its own, if I recall correctly, people who have compared the Kudos KS-1 to WH Phantom (or Spectre) found the latter to sound warmer. If the KS-1 rolled off the high frequency causing a loss of detail in the treble, I suppose the Phantom would even worse?

Judging from your experience as well as others, is there a consensus that the Naim Superlumina has the best detail retrieval, followed by the warmer rolled-off treble of the KS-1 and finally the Phantom/Spectre which sounds warmest with excessive loss of detail?

“Spectre which sounds warmest with excessive loss of detail?”

Eek…if this is the case, I think my SuperLumina will be staying.

It’s so it can’t be plugged into a mains socket.



I would not call phantom warm and washing off detail… horses for courses though


I found the phantom matched kudos for detail but sounded more musical.
In comparison the kudos sounded a bit empty on my system at the time.
I’ve ordered the Spectre because I was very pleased with the phantom.
One has to bear in mind there are so many variables that the only true comparison is in your own living room.


No deliveries made on Spectre yet?

I was told June if I wanted the AQ gold fittings.

Hi everyone, has anyone received their Spectre yet? Could share thoughts on it?

No cable and no email update here…

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Having gone for AQ, I’m not expecting anything for awhile.

It’ll be nice to have a Spectre Summer :sunny: